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Cruise holidays today can offer plenty to those travelling solo. Events and activities both onboard and onshore are certain to keep you busy, as well as prove a fantastic way to meet new people!

Our singles cruises allow you to enjoy the comforts of your own company while mixing with other single passengers throughout your journey. While many may be hesitant to embark on cruises for single people, booking the cruise is the first step to realising what you’ve been missing.

Taking a singles cruise lets you soak up beautiful scenery and fine European cities. They’re also filled with amazing activities to enjoy alone or with others, giving you the chance to make friends that last a lifetime – or possibly even find romance!

Cruises for singles help you find your match and enjoy some of the world’s best cities and attractions with somebody. And while you’re welcome to enjoy the serenity of your own company, singles cruises provide activities and dining experiences designed to aid interaction with you and your fellow guests.


While single cruises offer the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday in your own company or make new friends, you’ll find most of your enjoyment comes from the amazing destinations you’ll visit. You can choose a singles cruises in the warm climes of the Mediterranean, north up to Norwegian fjords.

Our Mediterranean cruises are the most popular singles cruises because they encompass calm waters, beautiful climates, and culturally renowned cities across Europe. Offering you the chance to enjoy fine wines and gelato in Italy or soak up the sunshine in the Balearics, there’s much more for the eye to see while enjoying a Mediterranean cruise.

A singles cruise along the fjords of Norway provides just as much spectacle and enjoyment, too. Scandinavia possesses some of the most beautiful scenery in northern Europe.

Last on the list is a cruise to the Adriatic coastline. While you soak up the beautiful sunshine and dine in some of Europe’s finest restaurants, you’ll find something a little different. Think beautiful architecture and picturesque town squares while enjoying the company of new friends.

Why choose a singles cruise?

Seeing some of the world’s most exotic locations in your own way in your own time is a special kind of freedom. Solo cruises give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons both in the destinations you choose and the people you meet along the way.

Whether you just want some ‘me time’ or you happen to be that odd number within a group, you can tailor a single cruise to be exactly as YOU want it. They’ll be plenty of opportunities to mix with other passengers during daily activities and you can even pair up on shore excursions if you’d like.

Being onboard a cruise ship can feel more like a second home, you’ll soon become familiar with fellow passengers and be mingling at the bars and restaurants in no time.

Plus, you'll often find that there are single cabin supplements and other discounts and deals available!

Singles cruises with Marella Cruises

Single fares, single cabins and specialised meet and greet events are usually what you can expect when cruising solo.

Marella Cruises caters for single cruisers well! You’ll receive the warmest of welcomes from the social hostess onboard, who’ll always go the extra mile to make you feel well at home.

Don’t worry about having to go solo for everything, your social hostess will arrange meet ups for all those cruising by themselves. Whether that be for a casual chat, to have evening meal together or just meeting up for drinks.

Cabin wise, each Marella Cruises ship has a flurry of Single Cabins. If you opt for one of these, they are usually clustered together along the same deck making it super easy to familiarise yourself with other solos! – You’ll be making friends in no time.

Dining times can feel a little scary for some cruising solo, but there is nothing to worry about with Marella Cruises. If not already meeting fellow solos, feel free to simply turn up at your chosen restaurant and ask the maître d’ to sit you on a large table with others – it’s no problem and super fun way to get to know others onboard!

Renowned for having some of the friendliest service at sea, you’ll never feel like just another face in the room.

It’s the perfect way to see more of the world! With the safety of your ship to return to each day, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time.

See our best Marella Cruises deals for singles right here or if you'd prefer a different cruise line or just to book over the phone, feel free to give us a call on 0800 107 2323. Our cruise experts will be happy to help you!

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