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If you didn’t know already, repositioning cruises are a great way to bag yourself a truly special sailing, all for a fantastic price. They can vary from extra-long sailings that’ll have you getting the very most out of your ship to marvelous mini-cruises leaving from a convenient UK port.

Repositioning cruises are a popular choice for those who just can’t decide which locations to tick off their bucket-list next, as they frequently feature destinations on both sides of the Atlantic – all in one sailing! And when it comes to amazing value, they’re pretty hard to beat. Take a look at our very best repositioning cruises below!


What is a repositioning cruise?

A repositioning cruise is a one-way sailing where a ship is relocating from one region to another, usually at the end of one season and the start of the next. For example, a ship may spend all it’s summer in a Mediterranean port before heading over to somewhere in the Caribbean for winter.

Why should I book a repositioning cruise?

There are several superb reasons why you should think about booking a repositioning cruise…

  • They’re longer than your average sailing – most of these cruises are ones that cross the Atlantic and go from one region to another, so you’ll find they can be around 18-21 nights long. Perfect for a well-deserved break!
  • They’re a great mix of destination days and sea days – since they’re longer sailings, you get the luxury of having a few days to explore various destinations, followed by several sea days to completely unwind and relax, not to mention getting full use of the ship’s facilities. Then you’ll  be treated to even more destination days in another part of the world!
  • You get to see two completely different regions all in one sailing – repositioning cruises take place as a ship leaves one region and heads to another, meaning you get to visit totally different destinations in one sailing. You could be exploring historic Mediterranean cities one minute and then relaxing on a cool Caribbean beach the next!
  • They’re excellent value for money – when you take into account everything that’s included in a Marella Cruises’ sailing anyway – flights, food, drinks (all ships are All Inclusive as of Summer 2019), as well as transfers and tips – and combine that with a longer-than-your-average sailing, the fact you get two regions instead of one and lots of sea days to relax – you’ll find the value within these sailings is astounding!
  • The perfect mini-break - although most repositioning cruises are longer sailings of 14 nights or more, you do sometimes get the odd mini-cruise where a ship moves from one UK port to another. These are perfect for 'testing the waters' of cruising!
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