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Feel the thrill of a Last Minute cruise – grab your passport and set sail to glorious destinations in a flash! No holiday countdown needed, this spontaneous way of cruising could grab you a great deal.

Depending when you decide to set sail, you could see yourself catching rays in the Canary Islands or sipping on cocktails in the Caribbean. Look out for these tempting Last Minute cruise deals and you’ll be setting sail sooner than you think!

Wherever you choose to explore, you’ll be on your way to somewhere special, where the sun shines and culture beckons, and you’ll be heading there aboard a stunning floating hotel brimming with all the facilities and activities you could possibly wish for. What a way to see the world.


There’s a whole world out there, and a late cruise deal is the ideal way to discover it. From the sun-drenched islands of the Canaries and the shimmering seas of the Adriatic to the other-worldly landscapes of Scandinavia, the rich and varied lands offer so many opportunities to explore a breadth of natural beauty that truly makes the jaw drop.

Such rich history, some of the world's finest beaches, and islands so idyllic you’ll be kicking back and forgetting about real life before you know it. It’s all out there just waiting for you. There are hidden gems to uncover, adventure to be found at every turn, and historical architecture to fawn over wherever you look.

If you’re looking to venture further afield, or just fancy spending even longer on your beautiful liner, head off to experience north Africa, the Middle East and the Med in one trip! Now, that’s a cruise. Other Last Minute cruise deals include a voyage into the ancient world of the Indian sub-continent, or amazing journeys that incorporate a European extravaganza for the ages, and an incredible jaunt over to the natural wonders of the Caribbean.

If you prefer to take a trip to just one area, there are a collection of stellar Last Minute cruise deals designed to enjoy those destinations to the full. In truth, wherever you choose, you’ll be in for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Why choose a Last Minute cruise?

There are so many reasons to book a Last Minute cruise. For one, there’s usually always a great deal to be had as cruise lines try to fill their cabins, and you might even be lucky enough to snap up an upgraded cabin at a reduced cost!

Last Minute cruises are perfect for those who are flexible when they can go, and it’s even better if you’re open to where you go, too.

Perhaps you’ve had enough of British weather or maybe you’re just in need of some relaxation. A Last Minute cruise can certainly deliver on that.

With ships setting sail to pretty much all parts of the globe, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding a fantastic Last Minute cruise deal.

This could see you packing your bags and heading to chase the midnight sun in Scandinavia, basking in the sun-drenched islands around the Med, be that the Adriatic, the Canaries or the Azores, or going further to the Indian sub-continent or the stunning Caribbean.

No matter where it is that grabs you most, there are cheap Last Minute deals to be found, and if you like to leave it late, you could be stepping aboard and exploring some of the planet's finest destinations before you know it.

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