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Marella Discovery

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About This Ship

One of the cruise line’s biggest and latest ships, Marella Discovery was launched in 2016 and showcases extravagant features like a five-storey atrium with glass lifts and an outdoor cinema. Across 11 decks there are also seven restaurants, a Broadway show lounge and a choice of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. What’s more, its all yours to enjoy with a cocktail or two – as she serves up All Inclusive as standard!

Although Marella Discovery is one of the biggest in the fleet, she’s mid-size in comparison to other ships and remains a comfortable size to get around. You’ll also enjoy the same excellent, friendly service that this cruise line has become renowned for over the years.

Marella Discovery certainly packs in the features, with a jogging track, mini golf course and rock-climbing wall on the top deck. There’s even a Sky Bar and an a la carte restaurant rising above it all.

On deck nine is Islands restaurant, which serves buffets, carveries and show cooking – plus there’s a snack shack next door for when you fancy a tasty treat. Head to the Glass House beside the indoor pool for light bites by day and tapas by night, or enjoy gourmet delights at the grand main restaurant, 47˚. Set across two floors on decks four and five, this dining space boasts a grand double staircase in keeping with the plush theme.

At the outdoor cinema, ‘Movies by Moonlight’ play beside the main pool, or you might prefer to catch one of 11 unique Broadway-style shows in the show lounge. Alternatively, take a seat in the Atrium Bar to watch captivating entertainment unfold, before heading to the contemporary Venue Bar. Here you’ll find even more going on – including dazzling live shows and bands!

The choice of 915 cabins and suites covers all different size parties and budgets. Options range from inside cabins to family suites, right up to five executive suites and even The Royal Suite with a baby grand piano. If you’re taking the kids, they’ll enjoy the Splash interactive shows as well as kids’ clubs for different ages – there’s even a stage school for 9 to 16 year olds. You cant fail to have a fabulous time onboard Marella Discovery.

Marella Cruises don’t think tips and service charges should cost you extra, so they've included them in the price. You’re not expected to tip any of their crew – unless you want to, of course.

Marella Discovery is one of their biggest ships, with highlights like an outdoor cinema, a rock climbing wall, a mini-golf course, five-storey atrium and an indoor pool. You can expect all the Marella Cruises trademarks, like a fantastic dining scene, a show lounge to rival the West End, and smart, contemporary interiors. And the best bit - on Marella Discovery, everyone goes All Inclusive. This means your drinks, including prosecco and cider, plus meals in five restaurants and most onboard activities will all be part of the deal.

Ship Specification

  • Launched: 1996
  • Refitted: 2016
  • Tonnage: 69,130
  • Language: en
  • Length: 264m (866ft)
  • Width: 32m (105ft)
  • Speed: 24 knots
  • Decks: 11
  • Cabins: 915
  • Wheelchair Cabins: 12
  • Passengers: 2,076
  • Crew: N/A
  • Currency: GBP

What's Onboard

  • Broadway Show Lounge
  • Movies by Moonlight
  • Live Casino
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Oceans Spa and Beauty Salon
  • Broad Street Shops
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • The Coffee Port
  • 8 Restaurants
  • Adult only Veranda
  • Main pool and indoor pool
  • Oceans gym
  • Jogging track

Marella Discovery Cabins

All cabins come with Air Conditioning, TV, Two full-length wardrobes, Hairdryer and a Safe (at a charge).

Royal Suite Cabin with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Royal Suite Cabin with Balcony

  • Approx 92m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

The most luxurious cabin measures up at a huge 92m2, and sleeps up to 4. It comes with a separate living room with a sofa-bed, a bedroom with a king-size bed, and an en suite with a WC and a shower. Swish extras come in the form of a baby grand piano and a whirlpool bath. Expect plenty of light courtesy of glass doors that open onto a balcony.

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

Express check-in, subject to availability

Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard

Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Executive Suite with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Executive Suite with Balcony

  • Approx 47m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

There are 5 Executive Suites, which sleep 4, and come with a separate living area with a queen-size sofa-bed, a queen-size bed, and an en suite with a WC, shower and bath. You can soak up the sea views from the comfort of your private balcony – it’s got glass doors, which let in plenty of light. Executive Suites are spacious, measuring in at 47 m².

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

  • Express check-in, subject to availability
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard
  • Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Family Junior Suite Cabin with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Family Junior Suite Cabin with Balcony

  • Approx 40m²
  • Sleeps 6

This cabin sits on deck 8 and sleeps 6. It’s got one bedroom with twin beds, and a living area with a double sofa-bed and twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed if needed, as well as an en suite with a WC and a shower. A private balcony with double doors comes as standard. The cabin measures around 39 m².

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

  • Express check-in, subject to availability
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard
  • Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Family Suite Cabin with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Family Suite Cabin with Balcony

  • Approx 39m²
  • Sleeps 4-7

The Family Suites sleep 7 people, and have 2 separate rooms – one with twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed if needed and another with a fold-down bed. There are 2 bathrooms, one with a shower, and one with a bath. Plus, you’ve got a living area with a double sofa-bed. The cabin covers around 40m², and comes with a balcony.

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

  • Express check-in, subject to availability
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard
  • Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Grand with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Grand with Balcony

  • Approx 32m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

The Grand Suites on deck 8 have twin beds that can convert to a queen-size double bed, and a sitting area with a sofa-bed, and can sleep 4 people. You’ll get a bathroom with a WC and a shower over a bath. There’s a balcony for admiring the sea views, too. Grand Suites measure 32 m².

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

  • Express check-in, subject to availability
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard
  • Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Junior Cabin with Balcony

Marella Discovery - Junior Cabin with Balcony

  • Approx 21m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

Junior Suites on deck 8 sleep up to 4. They’ve got twin beds that can convert to a queen-size double bed, and a sitting area, as well as a bathroom with a WC and a shower over a bath, and a balcony. If there are 4 of you, you’ll also get a sofa-bed. These cabins measure around 21 m².

This cabin comes with Premier Service extras included:

  • Express check-in, subject to availability
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Free pressing service - up to 3 items per person in the first 24 hours onboard
  • Free continental breakfast in bed - 1 per person, per week

Deluxe Cabin

Marella Discovery - Deluxe Cabin

  • Approx 15m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

These cabins are on decks 7 and 8, and come with the bonus of a floor-to-ceiling window. You’ll sleep on twin beds, which can also convert to a queen-size double bed, and have use of a sitting area with a sofa-bed and an en suite with a WC and a shower. Deluxe Cabins sleep up to 4 and measure a little over 20 m².

Deluxe Balcony Cabin

Marella Discovery - Deluxe Balcony Cabin

  • Approx 15 m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

These cabins are on decks 6 and 7, and have twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed, a sitting area, an en suite with a WC and a shower, and a balcony. They cover around 15 to 16 m² and if there are 4 of you, you’ll also get a sofa-bed.

Balcony Cabin

Marella Discovery - Balcony Cabin

  • Approx 13m²
  • Sleeps 2

Balcony Cabins are on deck 6, and feature a set of twin beds that can convert to a queen-size double bed. You can also expect a sitting area, an en suite with a WC and a shower, and a balcony. These cabins sleep 2, and are between 13 and 14 m².

Outside Cabin

Marella Discovery - Outside Cabin

  • Approx 14m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

These Outside cabins can be found on decks 2 and 3, and have a picture window or porthole. They feature twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed, a sitting area with a sofa, and an en suite with a WC and a shower. These sleep 2 to 4 people and measure 14 m². 3 and 4-berth cabins have upper berths that fold down for extra sleeping space.

Inside Plus Cabin

Marella Discovery - Inside Plus Cabin

  • Approx 15m²
  • Sleeps 2

You get a set of twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed and an en suite with a WC and a shower. You’ll find these cabins on decks 7 and 8, they sleep 2 people and measure 15 m².

Inside Cabin

Marella Discovery - Inside Cabin

  • Approx 12m²
  • Sleeps 2-4

You’ll get twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed and an en suite with a WC and a shower. Deck 2/3 Inside Cabins cover 12 m². Deck 6/7/8 Inside Cabins cover 12-13 m². 3 and 4-berth cabins have upper berths that fold down for extra sleeping space.

Single Outside

Marella Discovery - Single Outside

  • Approx 14m²
  • Sleeps 1-2

These are on decks 2 and 3, and accommodate solo travellers. A picture window or porthole offers sea views, and the cabin is kitted out with twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed, a sitting area with a sofa, and an en suite with a WC and a shower. These cabins measure 14 m².

Single Inside

Marella Discovery - Single Inside

  • Approx 12m²
  • Sleeps 1-2

These are on decks 2 and 3, and accommodate solo travellers. The cabin is kitted out with twin beds that convert to a queen-size double bed and an en suite with a WC and a shower. These cabins measure 12 m².

Deck Plan

If you're wondering whereabouts on the ship you should choose your cabin, or you're wanting to familarise yourself with the ship's layout before you get onboard, then take a look at our handy deck guides.

Select a Deck to view details

Deck 2

What's inside:

Deck 2 is the lowest deck onboard Marella Discovery, and you’ll only find cabins here. Although it’s very unlikely you’ll ever feel the movement of the ship, if you’re at all prone to seasickness, then the cabins on these low decks are a great idea. The lower and more central you are on a ship – the better.

The majority of cabins on Deck 2 are Outside Cabins, which is a great choice of accommodation for any traveller. They feature a picture window or porthole, and can either come with twin beds or they can be converted into a queen-size.

Most come as the two-berth option, however there are many that can accommodate up to four people. There’s even a few interconnecting Outside Cabins too, which are perfect for families or friends travelling together.

There are also three Adapted Outside Cabins on this deck. These come with all the same facilities as the other Outsides – but are larger, with extra floor space so that a wheelchair or mobility scooter can easily manoeuver around. It also has a fully accessible en-suite, complete with a shower and WC.

Then there’s the Inside Cabins – these are the perfect choice of accommodation if you’re hoping to cruise on a budget. They’re ideal if you only see your cabin as a base, and don’t intend on spending much time there anyway.

Most of these sleep up to two people, however there are a few that can accommodate up to four. They measure in at 12m², and are perfect for ensuring a comfortable and affordable stay.

There are also three Adapted Inside Cabins on this deck, all with the same amenities as the Adapted Outside Cabins - except they don’t come with a picture window or porthole. They’re located at the back of the ship, meaning they’re just an elevator ride away from the ship’s main restaurant 47° on Deck 4 and the Oceans Spa & Beauty Salon on Deck 9.



On this deck

  • Inside Cabins
  • Outside Cabins
  • Adapted Inside Cabins
  • Adapted Outside Cabins

All Inclusive

All-inclusive is standard onboard Marella Discovery, meaning delicious meals from all of the following restaurants are included!

Restaurants cater for every mood, so whether you prefer a fancy sit down dinner or something more free and laid back – Marella Discovery will have something to suit.


Deck 4
Your main full service eatery onboard Marella Discovery, this sophisticated venue allows you to dine in style at every meal. Twin sweeping staircases separate the upper and lower levels while huge floor to ceiling windows provide amazing sea views! The only place onboard with waiter service breakfast, 47° showcases white cotton top tables placed for two to eight. Service certainly delivers here with attentive crew taking your orders and never allowing your drink to fall empty! Lunch and dinner menus change daily - so you’ll never get bored either. 47° moves away from the traditional Caesar salads and prawn cocktail starters and offers the likes of prawns and crab fritters, cream of chicken and honey basted York ham! You’ll always find delicious fish and meaty dishes on the menu too along with a selection of jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings. Dinner menus add further tantalising chef suggestions and we cannot forget dessert! – Look forward to fruit crumbles, cheesecakes and ice cream. Plus there are always gluten free and vegetarian options available.

Gallery 47

Deck 5
Still part of the main dining room but found on the upper level, Gallery 47 is exclusively Italian! Indulge on antipasti’s, calamari, beef carpaccio and fried cheese! – Who doesn’t love fried cheese! With some firm Italian favourites on the menu, you can pick from the creamiest of carbonara's, homey lasagne or tasty mushroom ravioli, through to slow braised pork shank and delicious fried fish dishes. Gallery 47 has a designer look and feel that carries on from the main restaurant below. Swanky chrome accents and a colour scheme inspired by the sunset create a beautiful setting that feels just like a speciality - just without the additional price tag!


Deck 9
If you’re heading to the pool, Islands buffet restaurant is along the same deck. Perfect for chilled out informal days or when you just can’t quite decide what you fancy. In a privileged position overlooking the ships bow, tables seating two to six wrap around its magnificent windows for some excellent dining views. Quality and variety of food here is generally quite good with an impressive spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also live cooking stations to have dishes like omelettes and stir-fry made just the way you want them! Islands is as relaxed as they come! No need for reservations and as it’s open the majority of the day you can pretty much come and go as you please. For adults spending their day on the Veranda, Islands is just along the deck for a quick bite and break away from the sun.

Snack Shack

Deck 9
Open from 7am to 6pm, Snack Shack can also be found on pool deck. It’s fun and informal with brightly coloured décor themed around delightful British beach huts. Take a seat at one of these colourful booths or around a picnic table - but if you are in a hurry, the locations grab and go offerings are there to save you! Greek salads, wraps and fresh fruit pots are available from the fridges and ideal for taking with you to have on the go! You’ll also find your favourite pool side snacks, with indulgent burgers, hot dogs and even fish and chips at the other end of the restaurant. Snack Shack is always a little quieter than Marella Discovery’s buffet restaurant, Islands - just along the same deck. So if you wish to not venture too far from the pool, gym or spa, or just fancy a quick pit stop - Snack Shack is your place to go!

The Glass House

Deck 9
Aptly named, The Glass House is covered by a beautiful glass roof which floods the area with lots of natural light. This is another all day restaurant which opens for each main meal. Found inside the area mainly used for your indoor pool, it has a very casual and relaxed vibe by day. On an evening the beautiful glow from the pool creates an idyllic ambience to what is then one of the least busy and idyllically quiet places to eat onboard. You’ll usually find a continental buffet offering here for breakfast with salads and sandwiches for the remainder of the day until the dinner time change over. There are both free and fee options for your late meal. Enjoy sharing platters, Spanish style tapas and your favourite pizza for no extra charge! If you do fancy a little splurge, for only £9.95* extra you can opt for the “hot stone” experience. Grill your own meat, be it Angus beef, tenderloin pork or even Portobello mushrooms for any vegetarians – all presented to you on a sizzling hot stone.

Speciality Dining

If your celebrating something special onboard or just fancy an extra indulgent treat night, book into one of the following speciality restaurants! They come with a cover charge, but they're certainly worth the extra spend.

Kora La

Deck 11
If Asian food is more your thing, this is the perfect location for you! Treat your pallet to a whole host of specialities, with a menu that covers off South and East Asia – your taste buds really are in for a treat! This lovely space is subtlety oriental, plus features stunning views over the main pool area. The aesthetics have really been considered here with stunning wall murals, muted carpets and rich dark wood furniture. The restaurant opens between 18:30-21:30 and reservations will be needed. – Our top tip, try to get a table close to sunset, those views are extraordinary! It's menu has been developed by Chef Ian Pengelly of London’s House of Ho. Look forward to his famous duck and watermelon salad, shaking beef and bok choy dishes.  This four course affair has flavours so rich and yummy you’ll leave wanting to turn straight back around again!

Sushi Bar

Deck 11
Are you a lover of sushi? You can choose up to eight pieces at this charming sushi bar, found tucked inside Kora La. Enjoy salmon sashimi, tuna rolls and nigiri, plus a range of beers from all over Asia -just perfect for washing it down. Ideal for nights when you feel like something a little lighter, Kora La’s sushi bar is an experience of its own. Simply choose how much or how little you want and enjoy the social ambience that comes along with it!

Surf & Turf Steakhouse

Deck 11
Smart, intimate and tweaked for the British palate, Surf & Turf Steakhouse has some of the most delicious grub Marella Discovery has to offer. The main drawer here is the restaurants 28-day-ages Angus steaks! From huge 32oz Tomahawk rib-eye, which is conveniently pre-cut for sharing, to fillet mignon with lobster tail. Caesar salads are prepared right at the table and other mains include pork, chicken, lamb and various other seafood. Perfect for date night, Surf & Turf Steakhouse is found on Deck 11. With your kids' clubs positioned just below, you’ll never be too far away to enjoy a child free evening whist they play with friends! The restaurant is open between 6:30-9:30pm and will require a reservation.

Although you’ll find more bar areas, Marella Discovery has closer to six actual bars onboard. Each one feels instantly welcoming with atmospheres that vamp up as evening’s progress.

Most venues onboard feature some form of entertainment, be it a live music act, songs from a grand piano or DJ anthems for a bit of late night dancing. Interiors are fresh from a recent contemporary update and with Marella Cruises' amazing service, it’s never too long of a wait at any of these bars!

You’ll find a lengthy drinks menu at each and sprits are served in 40ml measures! – That’s 60% more than the UK’s standard. Want to know more? Take a look at our quick bar briefing and discover which may be your favourite before even stepping foot on Marella Discovery.

Bar Eleven

Deck 11
Located on the deck in which it gets its name, Bar Eleven’s heightened stance gives those in attendance some pretty amazing sea views – perhaps the best to be seen from the ship! Bar Eleven has a contemporary feel, with low mood lighting and a chilled urban atmosphere. Not only will you find all your favourite drink options here, the bar actually presents itself as a chic cocktail bar. Enjoy working your way through a menu of expertly mixed cocktails including a smoky Chocolate Ember and Earl Grey infused Five O’clock Tea! In the later hours, Bar Eleven transforms into the ships' main night club. Dance away to your hearts content at this late-night disco. From midnight until the early hours, Marella Discovery’s resident DJ will be playing out a range of bangers to keep you entertained!

Pool Bar

Deck 9
This early opener is there to provide poolside refreshments all day long. From 8am till late, the Pool Bar is the social hotspot of Deck 9. Ideal for refreshments in-between dips in the pool, this bar is where you’ll also go for hot chocolates and popcorn during Movies by Moonlight showings.

Squid & Anchor

Deck 5
First seen on Marella Cruises' Marella Explorer, Squid & Anchor proved so popular as a hub for live music and quiz nights, it’s now taken residence onboard Marella Discovery too! A bar that’s the epitome of a traditional British boozer, there’s comfy seating and its aesthetics are beautifully darkened, setting the tone perfectly for a relaxed and fun filled evening. It’s also the place to go to enjoy all your premium gins and whiskeys!

Deck Bar

Deck 10
This circular bar is there to serve all you sun worshipers lounging on Deck 10. Located right by all the children's clubs, running track and observatory deck, it’s ideal for a quick refreshment stop. During the warmer seasons this bar is usually open from noon until 6pm.

Live Room

Deck 4
Said to be Marella Discovery’s flagship bar, Live Room leads on from The Atrium and is home to the ships largest selection of on-tap beers. Idyllically spacious with a modern design, the Live Room’s surrounding windows flood the area with sunlight which compliments the space and its colourful, vibrant interior perfectly. The atmosphere here tends to build as the day progresses. You’ll find a bright yellow grand piano at the centre of some beautiful live music performances, plus there’s a dance floor which fills up fast on an evening! Live Room is a family friendly bar however does house the ships onboard casino. This corner of the room is kept to those 18 and over. The Live Room is open from 3pm and tends to continue until the early hours.

Atrium Bar

Deck 4
The perfect spot to grab a seat with a glass of bubbly or whatever takes your fancy, simply relax and enjoy an array of entertainment. Marella Discovery’s Atrium spans across many decks however its bar is situated at the bottom of its glorious five-storey structure. It’s a bar with a dramatic yet entirely classy setting. You’ll find regular musical performances happening here and it’s also where the Captain makes his address on those more formal evenings. The bar leads through to the ships flagship entertainment venue - the Live Room and its casino. It’s the perfect spot for starting your night. Meet your friends for a casual drink before heading off to catch which ever show is performing in the Broadway Show Lounge, also conveniently just along the same deck. The Atrium Bar is usually open from the hours of 10am until midnight.

Marella Discovery is one of Marella Cruises most packed ships for onboard facilities and entertainment. Perfect for families full of every generation, you’ll find two pool areas, one of the biggest spas, plus an escape room and rock climbing wall!

Whether you wish to lounge on the adults only Veranda or practice your putting on the nine hole minigolf green, Marella Discovery has your entertainment more than covered. See all she has to offer below.

The Wall

Deck 10
A standout feature onboard Marella Discovery, brave the heights of the rock climbing wall and delight in a bird’s-eye view of both the ship and the ocean! Challenge the family to see who can get to the top the quickest. – The Wall is for anyone aged six and up.

Indoor Pool

Deck 9
Marella Discovery has a truly beautiful indoor pool area! Positioned underneath a huge glass canopy styled roof, you’ll find rows of comfortable loungers plus two indoor hot tubs in the same vicinity. This pool becomes adults only between the hours of 2-5pm. It’s also idyllically placed next to the ships onboard spa. The two combined create a space that can only be described as a relaxing haven - who wouldn't want to experience that!

Medical Centre

Deck 2
If you’re not feeling 100% yourself when onboard Marella Discovery, do not worry! On Deck 2 you’ll find the ships very own onboard Medical Centre. You’ll be greeted here by an English speaking doctor plus a team of nurses. Full consultations can be carried out, along with medications prescribed. Opening hours are between 8-10am and 6-8pm.


Deck 4
The Atrium is the heart of every ship and Marella Discovery’s spans over five storeys! With panoramic windows, views from the Atrium are always lovely, no matter which part you find yourself in. Willy Wonka inspired lifts stand in its centre for an awe worthy backdrop to the areas low-key agenda of entertainment. Enjoy live music cabaret performances to evenings of cocktails with the captain.


Deck 10
Specifically for all the teens onboard Marella Discovery, the Hideout is located on Deck 10 conveniently by the Gamer Zone. There’s comfy seating, an air hockey table and even a karaoke booth where you can record your own CD! The Hideout is ideal for your children to meet others of a similar age and it’s certain to keep them entertained! Marella Discovery’s climbing wall and mini golf course are also just along the deck which your children and their new friends can also make full use of.

Baby Centre

Deck 10
If you’re wanting to travel with your littlest tots in tow, the Baby Centre is a great space where you can go to feed and entertain.

Memories Gallery

Deck 5
Whilst onboard Marella Discovery you can have photos taken by the onboard photographer. To view any of these photos, simply pop along to the Memories Gallery. You can view and purchase here if you see any you really like. There are also self-serve kiosks with state of the art facial recognition software – making finding photos of yourself quick and simple!

Pure Portrait Studio

Deck 3
Fancy capturing some memories professionally? Drop by the Pure Portrait Studio and book in for either a classic indoor photo shoot or take it outdoors and on deck to make full use of the ship and the sea as your backdrop! After your session simply visit the Photo Gallery on Deck 5 and choose a selection of your favourites to purchase.

Live Casino

Deck 4
The Live Casino on Deck 4 is open from 8:30pm until late. Located to the corner of one of Marella Discovery’s flagship entertainment venues, this fun filled casino features three tables and various slot machines. Test your luck with a game of blackjack. Beat the banker to 21 and any chips you find yourself lucky enough to win will be added to your onboard account! It doesn’t even matter if you’re a bit of a novice. Casino croupiers are happy to provide beginners with some lessons. Plus with the Live Room being just adjacent, you can still enjoy drinks and its entertainment whilst having your gambling debut.

Oceans Spa and Beauty Salon

Deck 9
Why not treat yourself to something extra special! Whether you fancy getting ultimately glammed up for Marella Discovery’s weekly dress to impress night or you’re in need of a full body massage – Oceans Spa and Beauty Salon offers it all. With no less than eight treatment rooms, the spa offers an exhaustive list of pampering delights. Marbled accent interiors, fresh fluffy towels and a relaxation room with the comfiest seating invite you for a day of relaxation. Look out off of the Veranda with a glass of ice cold cucumber water or a choice from a selection of tea and juices. Ambient music fills the background whilst you ready yourself for which ever treatment you’ve chosen! From manicures and hair up do’s to rejuvenating facials, body treatments and hot stone and deep tissue massages. – There’s certainly enough available to have you leaving feeling like a million dollars!

Main Pool

Deck 9
Out on open deck, the main pool is always a fun space for all the family. Sun loungers line the pools edge along with two hot tubs! Music and quizzes take place here daily ensuring an always heightened atmosphere.

Hot tubs

Deck 9
Marella Discovery has a grand total of four hot tubs onboard. These are all on Deck 9, two on the outer deck by the main pool and two under the glass canopy adjacent to your sheltered indoor pool area. Always relaxing, hot tubs are an idyllic chill out zone no matter your itineraries weather. Always heated and always bubbly – we’ll race you for a spot!

Broadway Show Lounge

Deck 4
Marella Discovery’s Broadway Show Lounge has a capacity of 800 plus! Its statement interior plays homage to the golden age of the 1920s – polished brass accents, Art Nouveua inspired detailing, stained glass panelling and a sea of golden seating create a space like no other. There are 11 unique shows on revolution, these are typically of musical theme and of West End style! Created by a team of big names including Tara Wilkinson who’s worked on The Full Monty and Martyn Ford who’s worked alongside Andrew Lloyd Webber. – See Legends Live a show of iconic artists and their greatest hits, Medieval Madness complete with jesters and men in tights, plus Beatz Interactive, Marella Cruises hi-tech dance performance featuring quirky LED-lit costumes. Shows tend to begin around 8:15pm with a later performance at 10:15pm too! If you’re keen to keep the night going, a late night act takes the stage around 11:15pm which is usually a comedian who’ll have you laughing till your jaw aches!

Broad Street Shops

Deck 5
The place onboard to have a little splurge. When the ship’s at sea the shops are open, browse from a range of duty free goodness, luxury jewellery plus any needed essentials which you may have forgotten to pack!


Deck 10
A course with nine holes, minigolf is up, out in the open on Deck 10. Family fun with some of the best sea views! – What could be better?

Gamer Zone

Deck 10
This may be located right by the teen Hideout but this one’s for adults too! A fun, interactive space equipped with multiple games consoles to keep you entertained. Challenge your friends, family or fellow cruisers, create your own tournaments and try multiplayer mode. – Possibilities are endless in this ultimate chill out zone.


Deck 10
Babytainment is Marella Cruises entertainment offering to their youngest cruisers! For anyone travelling with an under three, you can go along to free classes specifically for parent and babies. From baby ballet to nursery rhyme sing-alongs, plus educations too! Sing and Sign sessions conducted by your child’s favourite; Mr Tumble from CBeebies, help to teach Makaton sign language. Sessions take place year round onboard with at least one per day. Babytainment happens in the Baby Centre on Deck 10, right by all the other children areas.

Kids Club

Deck 10
This instantly mood lifting, bright and colourful room features supervised sessions of fun games, treasure hunts, back stage tours, arts and crafts and much more! For all cruisers aged three to 11 year old but split between two groups (three to eight and nine to 11), Kid’s club is the main focus for any child friendly activities taking place onboard Marella Discovery. Daily activities are available on port days for which times will be listed in the ship’s Cruise News – also accessible via the Navigate App. Younger cruisers will also have the opportunity to attend breakfast club, movie nights and even have a trip to say hello to the captain!

The Veranda

Deck 9
An adult only zone where relaxation needs be your only thought. Located at the back of the ship, sunbath with views of the horizon or take some time out with your favourite holiday read. The Veranda is just through from The Glass House on Deck 9 and the ships’ indoor pool! So don’t worry if you’re in need of refreshments or a quick cool down – you’ll not have far to go.

Movies by Moonlight

Deck 9
Marella Discovery is the first ship of the Marella Cruises fleet to have an outdoor cinema. Based on Deck 9, overlooking the main pool, the large screen plays family friendly blockbusters, a good few classics, plus some of the latest box office hits right under the stars! Popcorn and hot chocolates are available from your poolside bar and blankets are provided on those colder evenings. – There are two nightly showings, the first around 7:30pm with the second at 10pm.

Breakout Challenge

Deck 3
Ever done an escape room? Marella Discovery has her very own located on Deck 3. Can you solve a series of clues and get out within the hour? This fun and exciting new offering for Marella Cruises can see groups from two to five players test their abilities and beat the countdown! Whilst the idea is straight forward the codes can be far from simple, from finding hidden keys to connecting a series of clues to break through multiple combination locks, it’s certain to get your adrenaline pumping. – Don’t worry if you hit a dead end, clues are fed into the game to keep things moving along. This does however come at a charge. Prices start from £15 per person or the room can be booked out exclusively for around £75. Choose from a slightly easier murder mystery or truly test yourself in its spy themed experience.

Splash Live

Deck 4
Come early evening, let your little ones be entertainment by Marella Cruises very own high-energy interactive show. Memorable characters lead the show with catchy songs and lots of fun games! Splash Live takes place in the Live Room each night during high season.

Destination Services

Deck 5
Destination Services are your point of contact for anything you may need to know about your itineraries ports of call. Wanting to book a shore excursions or have questions about how best to get around solo? Destination Services’ expert guides are there to support you. They’ll have maps, tried and tested experiences and can happily recommend which excursions may be most to yours and your families liking. You can even book your next cruise whilst you’re there to. – If you so wish!


Deck 5
Open around the clock to help with any of your queries whilst onboard, Marella Discovery’s Reception is located on Deck 5. From currency exchanges to wake up calls or settling your onboard account – it’s your friendly go to hub for almost everything!

Oceans Gym

Deck 9
Just off from Marella Discovery’s Oceans Spa and Beauty Salon, the onboard gym stands in a bright and spacious room with a decent selection of fitness equipment. There are plenty of treadmills, cross-trainers, exercise bikes and weight machines. Plus there’s enough floor space for ab workouts and stretches. You’ll find the occasional yoga class taking place here too – these would be charged to your onboard account for a cost of around £7.

Jogging track

Deck 10
Marella Discovery has her very own jogging track on Deck 10, circling its entire perimeter. Just four laps add up to a mile and what’s better, you can delight in those beautiful sea views whilst still getting in your workout.

Ship FAQs

What is included in the All Inclusive drinks package onboard Marella Discovery?

The standard All Inclusive package with Marella Cruises is pretty amazing. Beverage choices onboard can seem endless! Marella Cruises also don’t scrimp on brands, so you’ll likely find your favourite amongst the shelves.

Including everything from beers and ciders to house cocktails, whiskies, gins, rum, vodka and many liqueurs, plus wine – you’ll have more than enough to work your way through!

Expect John Smiths, Fosters and Strongbow with bottles or cans of Corona, Peroni, Budweiser and Guinness. There’s all the popular house wine choices plus Prosecco too.

Then to just name a few cocktail favourites, Singapore Sling, Cosmopolitans, Whiskey Sours, Mai Tais and Daiquiris make the cut. Plus all your favourite Gins including pink! If rum or whiskey is more your thing, enjoy Jim Beam, Teacher’s, Bacardi and Captain Morgans!

All Inclusive of course caters for the non-drinkers among us also, Juices, coffees and teas will be available in the restaurants alongside your meals, whilst there will be plenty of soft drink choices too!

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What upgrades does the Premium Drinks package include?

The Premium Drinks package gives you access to even more cocktails including Mojitos and those layered with champagne!

If you’re a coffee lover, all drinks from The Coffee Port which are made with premium Lavazza coffee will be included after 10am. Cans of soft drinks are offered rather than poured from the bottle – great for taking out on excursions too!

The alcohol options may already be pretty good with familiar brands in every category. However going premium means more premium brands too! Enjoy the likes of Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniels and Absolut Vodka.

You’ll even have a 1.5 litre bottle of water delivered to your cabin each day!

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Which restaurants are included in the All Inclusive onboard Marella Discovery?

Marella Discovery has a bundle of restaurants where you can eat for no extra charge. From full service 3 course offerings to quick snacks – there’s certainly enough to choose from.

The restaurants included are:

  • 47°
  • Gallery 47
  • Islands
  • Snack Shack
  • The Glass House

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I’ve noticed there are speciality restaurants onboard, how can I make a reservation?

Marella Discovery has three speciality restaurants onboard. - Surf & Turf Steakhouse, Sushi Bar and Kora La. To make a reservation simply visit reception and they crew working there will be able to get you sorted! Alternatively you can use the self-serve kiosks close to Destination Services and make the reservations yourself.

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What is the dress code onboard Marella Discovery?

Marella Cruises have one of the simplest dress codes to familiarise yourself with! – Just how we like it.

There are no big expectations to dress in any which way but it’s preferred if you take in consideration of these three main categories: beach, casual and smart.

Beachwear, this is just your usual pool side attire. So swimsuits, trunks, bikinis, beach coverups – whatever your most comfortable in to have a quick dip in the pool! Remember those flipflops too.

Casual dress is as it sounds. Depending on weather in your list of destinations this could be abything from jeans, trainers, longtop and jumpers to shorts, tshirts and summer dresses! Your most likely going to be on a couple of excursions in these outfits so plan for those too. A sensible pair of walking shoes can sometimes be necessary over those pretty sandals!

On an evening is when you can be your most smart however Marella Cruises still don’t enforce any black tie like policies.

You may wish to opt for a nice evening dress, smart trousers and skirts with your best tops! Shirts, polo tops and even a nice pair of jeans are still ok for the guys. Remember some smart shoes for your feet though!

If you do wish to dress up really glamorous – just go for it! It’s your holiday and you can be as glitzy as you like. Marella Cruises do have the occasional dress to impress night which will usually bring out everybody’s best evening gowns and smart suits.

Restaurants also have their own dress code which you will need to take note of, this information will be provided in your cabin on arrival.

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Can I access Wi-Fi onboard Marella Discovery?

Yes you can, Marella Discovery has various Wi-Fi zones onboard. You will be charged to access the Wi-Fi and this will be credited to your onboard account.  You can choose to buy a package for the entire time you are on the ship or for a couple of days, prices can be established at reception.

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Can I choose my cabin?

Yes, you can request a specific cabin within your booked type if you wish to do so. Once you have booked your cruise, take a look at the ships’ deck plan and decide where about you would like to be.

When you have decided on a specific cabin number just give our friendly team a call and this can be all arranged for you at a one off cost of £48. You can book your cabin from cruise confirmation up until 15 days before your cruise departs.

Securing a specific cabin is a great way to make sure you’re exactly where you wish to be. Whether that’s close to the sundeck, next to the kids clubs or perhaps just near reception or the main atrium. You may have even cruised before and wish to stay in the same exact cabin!

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Certain cabins have premium service – what does that include?

Certain cabin types do come with premier service. This will be highlighted at the time of booking but is usually all attached to all of the suites.

Premium service includes express check-in, a free pressing service to use on up to three items per person during your first 24 hours onboard. Plus a breakfast in bed option for each person, once per week.

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What plug adaptor will I need for my cabin?

Most cabins on Marella Discovery will have 2 power outlet points. These will require either a European or US 2-pin adaptor. These are available to buy onboard if you do forget to bring one with you.

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Can I smoke onboard Marella Discovery?

Not only Marella Discovery, but each and every ship of the Marella Cruises fleet are none smoking. You can however smoke within designated areas onboard. These are usually out on the open deck and will be signed accordingly.

These restrictions also apply to those with e-cigarettes. Those using these electronic variations may also need to be aware of further restrictions places upon these within certain countries. E-cigarettes taken into the UAE, Thailand and Singapore will be confiscated at the airport.

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What currency do I use onboard Marella Discovery?

There is actually no need to carry any currency whilst onboard Marella Discovery. Anything purchased will be credited to your onboard account which can be settled at reception before you depart the ship at the end of your cruise. – This includes charges for speciality restaurants or upgrading to the Premium Drinks Package.

You can easily keep track of your onboard spend at reception or through the ships Navigate app which does not require Wi-Fi.

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Are my transfers included?

Yes, transfers with Marella Cruises come as part of the package. If you’re on a fly-cruise you’ll be picked up directly from the airport, so it’s certainly one less thing to worry about.

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Do I have to tip whilst onboard?

With Marella Cruises, all tips and service charges are already including within your cruise package. So you will feel no obligation to tip any extra whilst onboard.

However if you would like to, you can give individual crew members a little extra whilst onboard and that’s completely fine too!

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How and when do I book shore excursions?

Once you have confirmation of your cruise booking, you will be able to book your shore excursions with Marella Cruises.

You can browse Marella Cruises range of excursions here, then simply give us a call on 08001072323 and our Cruisedeals experts will be able to get those all sorted for you.

If you’d rather wait until you’re onboard, you can go and see Destination Services located on Deck 5 who will be happy to help. There you’ll find expert guides full of tips and maps if you wish to go it alone, or they can book you onto one of the pre-planned excursions.

You can choose to book onto independent excursions however one great thing about sticking with Marella Cruises for your excursions is you can have peace in the knowledge of knowing you’ll always make it back to the ship. Plus if your shore excursion has to be cancelled for any reason such as a late port arrival time, if you’ve booked with Marella Cruises, they’ll always give you a full refund.

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Is there a Medical Centre onboard Marella Discovery?

Yes, each and every ship of the Marella Cruises fleet has a Medical Centre onboard. Marella Discovery’s can be found on Deck 2, here you’ll be greeted by an English speaking doctor and team of nurses!

The doctor onboard will be able to conduct a full consultation and prescribe any needed medication. So please do not worry if you have any qualms about becoming under the weather whilst out at sea, you’ll be in some of the best hands.

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Will I need my passport?

Yes! You will always need to bring your passport when cruising. Regardless of your departure point or destination – even if you are sailing straight out of the UK. Without your passport you will be denied access and will be unable to board the ship.

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Will I need to bring my own pool towel?

No, save your luggage allowance on this one! Marella Cruises will provide you with ALL towels needed during your cruise. That’s bathing towels as well as those for lounging around the pool.

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I’m traveling solo, does Marella Discovery cater for solo travellers?

Yes, absolutely! Cruising solo with Marella Cruises can be one of the best ways to travel.

Marella Discovery has her very own Social Hostess who’s responsible for organising all events and meet ups specifically for those cruising solo. You’ll be making friends in no time!

Cabin wise, Marella Discovery also has a flurry of Single Cabins on Deck 3.  If you opt for one of these, they are all clustered together so you’ll soon become familiar with other solos onboard as your neighbours!

Dining times can feel a little scary for some cruising solo, but there is nothing to worry about onboard Marella Discovery. You can make plans to meet up with fellow solos to enjoy a meal together or simply turn up at your chosen restaurant when you wish and ask to be seated.

Marella Discovery restaurants mostly have tables seating from two up to eight persons. So you can request to be seating with a flurry of different people each evening or take some time out for yourself with at a smaller table for two!

You’ll never truly be alone on a cruise, Marella Cruises friendly crew will more than look after you throughout your time onboard.

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