All ships are equipped with what Princess Cruises is proud to call ‘affordable luxury’. With contemporary design being a hallmark of all of their ships, this cruise line consistently manages to enhance the customer experience with its excellent service – there’s an intimate feel to all public spaces and an informal atmosphere throughout the its ships. Moreover, there are plentiful private balconies – Princess Cruises have the largest number of balcony cabins among all the cruise lines.

Princess Cruises have a reputation for allowing their passengers to tailor holidays to their own specific needs. The policy started with the introduction of the Sun-class ships in the 1990s, which allowed customers greater flexibility with experiences and options. Today, each of the Princess Cruises ships continue this trend and offer different forms of activities for customers.

The ScholarShip@Sea classes provide a wonderful array of courses spanning arts, finance and computer-based learning. In addition, many of the Princess Cruises ships screen fantastic films as part of their Movies under the Stars programme.

With an ever-increasing list of destinations sweeping the planet’s seven continents, Princess Cruises are also unique in that they are the only North American cruise line where the captain can perform wedding and partnership ceremonies at sea. From Alaska to the Galapagos Islands, Princess Cruises really do rule the waves.