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Marella Discovery 2 FAQs

Ship FAQs

What is included in the All Inclusive drinks package onboard Marella Discovery 2?

Almost everything! There’s a great choice of soft drinks to quench your thirst, and the kids can have their fill of them too.

Alcohol-wise, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s a fabulous range of cocktails on offer, from fantastic frozen fruity numbers to the classic Cosmopolitan.

If you’re someone who prefers to stick to spirits, you’ve got plenty to choose from. You can expect all your favourite brands too, from Gordon’s Gin to Smirnoff Vodka and creamy Baileys.

On top of that you’ve for beers and ciders, like Fosters’ and Strongbow, as well as a great selection of house wines and Prosecco. Cheers to that!

If you’re really into your drinks, you can opt to upgrade to the Premium All Inclusive package for £60 per person. With this, you’ll get a range of upgraded bottles of wine &c champagne (although not by the glass). You’ll also be able to have premium gins and vodkas, such as Absolut Vodka and Bombay Sapphire. All drinks from the Coffee Port are also included with this option too – perfect if you like your lattes!

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What does the upgrade to a Premium All Inclusive drinks package get me?

Premium All Inclusive usually comes at a cost of around £50pp. This will give you access to further cocktails like Mojitos, premium gins, vodkas, rums, whiskeys and tequila such as Absolut, Bombay Sapphire and Jack Daniels. Even the speciality coffee from The Coffee Port will be included after 10am!

Soft drinks will be offered in cans rather than poured from a bottle and you’ll have a 1.5 litre bottle of water delivered to your cabin each day.

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Which restaurants are included in the All Inclusive onboard Marella Discovery 2?

All Inclusive dining options provide you with plenty of choice onboard Marella Discovery 2, there are in fact five dining areas that come with no additional charge! These are:

  • Gallery 47°
  • 47°
  • Snack Shack
  • Islands
  • The Glass House

You also have the choice to visit the speciality restaurants whilst onboard for an additional fee. Kora La, Surf & Turf Steakhouse and the Sushi Bar are great for celebrations of making certain evenings that little bit more special.

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What is the dress code onboard Marella Discovery 2?

The dress code onboard Marella Discovery 2 is pretty easy to follow – it’s split into three categories - Beachwear, Casual and

The first is a ‘come as you are’ affair, so bikinis and trunks get the thumbs up, plus we ask that you wear something on your feet for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, Casual speaks for itself – we’re talking tops and shorts or a sundress.

Then you’ve got Smart, which is when you’ll need to dress up a bit. Put your sports or swimwear away, and opt for trousers, smart tailored
shorts or a skirt or dress, a shirt or polo shirt and smart shoes, so no trainers or flip flops. If you want to add a jacket or tie, that’s up to you.
The Captain's Gala nights give you the chance to get really suited and booted.

Each of the restaurants has a dress code, and this can differ depending on the time of day, but you can find this information
in each restaurant description or onboard in your cabin upon arrival.

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Is there Wi-Fi onboard Marella Discovery 2?

Yes, Marella Discovery 2 has various designated Wi-Fi zones onboard. You can find out more information about these at reception plus charge costs.

Any costs of using the onboard Wi-Fi will be charged to your onboard account.

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Can I smoke onboard Marella Discovery 2?

Each and every ship in the Marella Cruises fleet is none smoking, however there are designated areas onboard where you can go to have a cigarette. – These are usually out on the open deck.

The same applies to those using e-cigarettes. It is important to also note that there may be further restrictions concerning these devices depending on the country you are traveling to. In the UAE, Thailand and Singapore, e-cigarettes will be confiscated at the airport.

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Can I choose my cabin?

Yes you can! Once you have booked your cruise, take a look at the deck plans and decide where about you’d like to be. All the cabin numbers and types are visible for you to select one valid to your booking type.

Once you have decided on a deck or specific cabin number just give us a call and this can be arranged for a cost of £48 and can be done up to 15 days before your cruise departs.

Choosing a cabin is a great way of ensuring you’re where you wish to be. If that’s close to the pool deck, kids club or even the reception. Or perhaps you’ve sailed on Marella Discovery 2 before and loved your cabin so much you’d like the same again.

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How do I pay for things onboard?

You need not carry lots of cash when onboard Marella Discovery 2, any chargeable extras you choose to partake in will simply be charged to your onboard account, which you can then settle at reception before you depart the ship. – This includes things like opting for a Premium Drinks Package or booking an evening in one of the speciality restaurants.

You can keep track of your onboard spend by using the ships Navigate app or simply asking for an update at Reception.

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Are my transfers included?

Yes they are! That’s one good thing about traveling with Marella Cruises, all your transfer are always included. If you’re on a fly-cruise you’ll be picked up straight from the airport! It’s certainly one less thing to worry about.

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What plug adaptor do I need for my cabin?

You will do, yes. If you do need to use the plug sockets in your cabin, you’ll need to bring a European or US 2-pin adaptor. These are however available to purchase on the ship if you do forget!

It may also be worth noting most cabins only feature two power outlets, so if you’re a person who may require use of multiple electronic products at one time, a extension lead can be a handy item to bring onboard!

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Do I have to tip?

With Marella Cruises all tips and service charges are included within the cost of your cruise. So no, you will have no obligation to tip whilst onboard Marella Discovery 2.

However if you do so wish, you can tip individuals further whilst onboard. – That’s completely fine too.

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How and when do I book shore excursions?

Once you’ve booked your cruise you will be able to then book onto any shore excursions you may be interested in - they can even be booked online!

You can browse Marella Cruises range of excursions here, then simply give us a call on 0800 107 2323 and our Cruisedeals experts will be able to get those all sorted for you.

If you’d rather wait until you’re onboard, you can go and see Destination Services located on Deck 5 who will be happy to help. There you’ll find expert guides full of tips and maps if you wish to go it alone, or they can book you onto one of the pre-planned excursions.

One great thing about sticking with Marella Cruises for your excursions is you can have peace in the knowledge you’ll always get back to the ship on time.

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Do I need my passport?

Yes, always! Regardless of your destination or departure point – even if you are sailing straight out of the UK, you will always need to carry your passport. Without this you will be denied access and unable to board the ship.

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Will I need to bring my own pool towel?

No, save your luggage weight for some other important necessitates! Whilst onboard Marella Discovery 2, Marella Cruises will provide you with ALL the towels you need for the duration of your cruise. That’s bathing towels as well as those for lounging around the pool.

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Is there a Medical Centre onboard Marella Discovery 2?

Yes, each ship of the Marella Cruises fleet has a medical centre onboard. If you do feel in need of any medical assistance whilst onboard Marella Discovery 2, you’ll find the Medical Centre on Deck 2. An English speaking doctor will great you and be able to conduct consultations and prescribe any needed medications.

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Some cabins have Premier Service – what does that include?

Certain cabins onboard Marella Discovery 2 have Premier Service. This is offered with Family suites with balcony, Executive suite with balcony, Family junior suites with balcony, Junior suites with balcony, Royal suites with balcony and Grand suites with balcony cabins.

This includes express check-in, free pressing service to use on up to three items per person during your first 24 hours onboard. – Ideal for getting your favourite evening outfits in pristine condition! Plus you can enjoy a free continental breakfast in bed, one for each person, each week.

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I’m wanting to travel solo, does Marella Discovery 2 cater for solo travellers?

Yes absolutely! There is no need to be concerned about cruising solo with Marella Cruises. Marella Discovery 2 has her own Social Hostess who’s responsible for organising events and meet ups specifically for the solo cruisers onboard. – It’s a perfect way to meet others onboard and you’ll be making holiday friends in no time at all!

You can make plans to meet other solos at meal times, or if you prefer to just go as and when you feel like it, Marella Discovery 2 will have table settings for two up to eight which you can easily be positioned at.

Cabin wise, Marella Discovery 2 has a flurry of Single Cabins on Deck 3. These are all clustered together so if you opt for one of these, you’ll find yourself a neighbour to other solos who’ll soon become familiar to you!

You’ll never be alone on a cruise, it may just be one of the best ways to travel solo.

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