Hurtigruten cruises were designed for the adventurer, the explorer and the sightseer – onboard you’ll experience all the incredible wonders of the Northern Lights, the fjords, Antartica and the Midnight Sun. With a range of itineraries you’ll have no problem finding the excursion of your dreams. Hurtigruten ships make the passage between Norway and northern Europe, where the landscapes and natural beauty of this area are truly unmatchable. You’ll see it all on these trips – from thriving cities to little fishing villages and everything in between. Cruises with Hurtigruten give you the full Norwegian and northern European experience, missing nothing out.

Cuisine on this cruise line is always fresh and made with local ingredients from the last place of port. You’ll taste authentic dishes from the region and feel truly immersed in the country’s culture. Hurtigruten invest in the communities they visit by ensuring that the meals onboard all use local ingredients and dishes are tailed to the ship’s docking itinerary.

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