Imagine yourself gliding through the warm waters of Southeast Asia or taking in the wonders of the icy fjords in Scandinavia. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines can take you to the most exotic locations – all you have to do is decide where you want to go.

Their comparatively small vessels come loaded with personality, and you’ll find yourself relaxing in complete luxuriousness with modern rooms and comfortable interiors. If you want even more decadence, why not treat yourself to the Suite Dreams package – which includes upscale accommodation and stylish décor.

The service on a Fred. Olsen cruise is out of this world – there’s so much to do and see onboard each of their liners. Spend your evenings having a leisurely meal cooked by expert chefs and enjoying the ship’s professional entertainment.

No matter where you want to travel to, there’s a Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines itinerary for you. Cruises with this line come in all shapes and sizes – and you can choose to set sail for only a few nights to Dublin or hop aboard a two-week Amazon expedition. For real adventure enthusiasts, they even offer a 108-night world cruise that stops off at a whole range of exotic destinations – including Australia, Peru and Bora Bora. Whatever type of trip you fancy, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is ready to accommodate and eager to make your stay as memorable as possible.