For more than a century and a half, Cunard’s royal fleet has carried cruisers to all four corners of the world and back again, treating them to unparalleled style and true English refinement, hearkening back to the days when ship travel was at the height of sophistication.

Each of Cunard’s present-day ships – Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth – are steeped in opulent décor, from plush red carpets to elegant ballrooms paved with marble. But that’s not to say that Cunard’s vessels are strictly of the past. They each contain their own range of modern features, with high tech entertainment at the Royal Court Theatre and indulgent spa treatments from onboard wellness centres, as well as the only Planetarium at sea.

Guests onboard a Cunard cruise dabble champagne at lavish garden parties and waltz under the moonlight from spacious decks. They immerse themselves in a 6,000-book library while penning their very own at-sea adventure. No two Cunard ships are the same, but whether you’re gliding past the New York City skyline or the white sands of a chic Greek isle, elegance and grandeur are always a must.

What began as a fleet meant to carry mail across the Atlantic soon upped the standards for luxury travel, and now offers cruisers some of the most lavish holiday experiences available. Cunard Cruises aim to nod back to their rich heritage at every turn, and do so through creating legendary ships that have garnered the reputation for being some of the most famous ships in the world. A presence this large can be hard to fathom. They’re something you’ll have to sail with to believe.