Just because Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ fleet pushes off from UK ports, doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice the breadth of destinations available to modern cruisers. On the contrary – their ships reach as far and wide as Australia and South Africa, where cruisers can relish in the romance of around-the-world travel. You can sail between the rocky peaks of Norwegian fjords, cut around Ireland’s green coast or glide through the iceberg-laden waters of Canada. With Cruise & Maritime Voyages, the world lies just beyond the bow.

Complete with smaller river boats for close-to-home cruising and towering vessels for high-sea travel, Cruise & Maritime Voyages present a wide range of cruising opportunities. Catering largely for an adult clientele, their liners specialise in no-fuss travel that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or elegance.

Among the line’s impressive fleet are Marco Polo – a child-free vessel whose classic style and navy blue hull draws cruisers in year after year. Astor offers a more intimate experience with accommodations for only 600 passengers, while Magellan – one of Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ newest additions – features 150 rooms set aside just for single travellers.

Whether you’re a first time cruiser or well-versed on the waters, Cruise & Maritime Voyages take special care when it comes to customer service, and see more than 95% of cruisers satisfied with their cruising experience. Also a member of the prestigious Passenger Shipping Association and the Association of Cruise Experts, you can rest assured that you’re in for a good time when onboard one of their spectacular ships.