Gather round everyone, for Halloween we thought we would share with you tales of one of the most haunted cruise ships of all time: The Queen Mary.

Run by Cunard Cruise Lines, the Queen Mary embarked on her first voyage in 1936. She was retired in 1967, and is now permanently moored at Long Beach, California. Today, even though you can no longer take a cruise on the great Queen Mary, she is still open to visitors in her permanent home, where she now has a variety of restaurants, venues and museums.

The Queen Mary is also the venue for many ghost walks and tours, because rumour has it that she is one of the most haunted ships in the world. Dozens of ghosts have been spotted on her decks, and even today the ship is visited by paranormal enthusiasts hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the spirits. Here are some of her most famous ghostly residents:

The Lady in White

The Lady in White can often be seen in the reception area of the ship. As her name suggests, she is a beautiful young woman who wears a white gown, and likes to dance to the music that used to be played on the piano in the lobby area. The clearest picture of her ever was taken last year, by a ghost hunter who was staying in the Queen Mary Hotel.

What do you think? A picture of a ghost or simply an optical illusion?

The sailor of the engine room

One of the more well-known spirit residents of the Queen Mary, John Pedder, was a sailor in the engine room who was killed in a tragic accident during a routine drill in 1966.

Even though the engine room has been substantially refurbished since the ship’s permanent mooring in California, it is said that the area is still haunted by Pedder’s spirit to this very day. Visitors have heard loud noises and the clatter of nuts and bolts, apparently caused by Pedder’s spirit still working away at the ship’s engine.

The girl of the swimming pool

Besides the engine room, the swimming pools of the Queen Mary are a popular place for paranormal sightings. Perhaps one of the most famous is “Jackie”, a young girl who drowned in the second-class pool. She likes to appear often to those visiting the place where she died, and sometimes you can also hear her eerie giggling or see her wet footprints appearing on the poolside floor.

If you want to see any of these ghosts for yourself, then you should book yourself into one of the many ghost tours that go around the ship. If you are feeling really brave, you can stay the night in the on-board hotel. If you dare . . .

What are your favourite ghost stories? Share them with us in the comments below!

Images via davidd, Wikimedia Commons and The Examiner

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