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Easter Eggs-plorer Viewed 1648 times Apr 1, 2019

UPDATE: ALL EGGS NOW CLAIMED! Seems you were all egg-stremely eggcited about our Easter Eggs! All eggs have now been claimed. Thanks for taking part! Join in to SAVE and WIN! How do exclusive discounts and free choccie…

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Egg-citing Offers and Giveaways Coming Soon… Viewed 562 times Mar 27, 2019

Easter is on the way… It won’t be long before the yearly Easter egg hunts get underway and chocolate eggs can be cracked open. And this year, the Easter bunny has told us something very egg-citing is on…

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Marella Explorer 2 to debut two brand new shows! Viewed 628 times Mar 14, 2019

With not long to go now until Marella Explorer 2’s launch on April 2nd, Marella Cruises have revealed two brand-new shows to enter their Broadway Show Lounge program! – Welcome “Revive – The Forgotten Circus” and “Lovestruck”. Wave…

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What’s Happening in Cruise in 2019? Viewed 757 times Jan 16, 2019

With amazing new ships on the way, cruise lines becoming All Inclusive and themed cruises that’ll have you partying the night away, 2019 is going to be the best year yet for all you cruisers! Take a look at…

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Change Your Scene in 2019 with £150 Off!* Viewed 1625 times Dec 26, 2018

From cruising around the colourful coastlines of the sunshine-soaked Mediterranean to absorbing yourself in the stunning silence of The Norwegian Fjords – there’s plenty out there to stick on your bucket list. And it’s never been easier to…

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Virgin Voyages Wave Goodbye To Cruise Dining Clichés Viewed 1064 times Nov 12, 2018

Virgin Voyages aren’t coming quietly! With a completely new take on cruising, Virgin Voyages are intent on providing an entirely different experience and that’s certainly the case with Scarlet Lady’s food choices. Waving goodbye to old cruise ship…

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