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We’ve found the answer to losing an hour of precious sleep during the change to British Summer Time – a unique cruise that, due to the crossing of various time zones, gives you an extra 24 hours of much-needed rest.

After months of research and preparation, in conjunction with various partners, we’ve put together a cruise offer that combines incredible destinations with an added bonus day for free.

The cruise will sail from the UK at 6am and will return seven days later at roughly the same time. However, you’ll have enjoyed the cruise for a total of eight days rather than seven. A holiday with an almost ‘Doctor Who’ element, it uses some of the complexities of travelling between time zones to cheat time itself. Everyone is guaranteed an extra day of travel – and, indeed, of life – at no extra cost.

Although the concept is simple, getting the logistics right has been a challenge. Simply gaining an extra 24 hours isn’t enough for a cruise you’ll always remember.

Ian Crawford, Marketing Director for, said: “We’ve been working with our partners on this for some time, and have even sought consultancy from geographers and mathematicians just to see if such a thing was possible. We’re incredibly glad and relieved to find that it is, and we’re delighted to be able to offer customers this unique, one-off cruise experience.”

This cruise has a Pacific island theme, as the time changes on that part of the earth – according to some experts – are less predictable than those in the northern hemisphere due to nuclear tests carried out by the US in the 1940s. For example, time zones in much of the south-eastern hemisphere can vary from kilometre to kilometre and island to island in ways that can’t be experienced on a cruise that only visits Europe.

Our proposed route, made possible by the cooperation of several cruise companies, starts in Sydney, Australia, home of the world-famous opera house and a classic cruise destination. Sailing at full speed ahead to New Zealand creates a time saving of two hours – which is just the beginning.

With another 22 hours to create out of nowhere, this cruise takes advantage of the time zone changes between the Pacific Islands, with a final zigzag between Baker Island and Port Vila – straddling the International Date Line – to complete the 24 hour gain.

We will have finalised the cruise by the end of the month when you will be able to book through our website. For more information about this, or any other deals, visit

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