With the launch of every new cruise ship, there’s always a lot of excitement about onboard experiences -and Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas™ is no different.

We caught up with the ship’s Cruise Director Joff Eaton to find out what Ovation of the Seas has to offer in the way of entertainment – and how technology plays a vital part in the offering.


CruiseDeals.co.uk — Royal Caribbean cruises are renowned for their fantastic West-End-style theatre shows. Can guests expect the same quality of entertainment on Ovation of the Seas?

Joff Eaton – Definitely. There are four main venues onboard, each with their own productions.
There’s the Royal Theatre, which is at the front of the ship, which is a 1,300 seater venue with three floors. In there we have two main production shows. One is called The Dream and the other is called Live Love Legs.

The Dream has 22 cast members and the show follows John, who is a gentleman who has lost his wife. Life is terrible, but a band of spirit guides is sent to him in a dream to show him life is great again.
It’s all about technology and innovation. Using the concept of the dream, we can bring things from above and below the stage. It will make you say ‘wow’ – and that’s the whole idea of the ship being a smart ship like Ovation of the Seas.

Live Love Legs is the other show here and is the second version of a show called Sequins and Feathers, which is on one of our sister ships. It’s important to have really visual shows when the ship heads to China – it has showgirls, with lots of feathers, lots of glitz, lots of glamour as well as contemporary songs from Lady Gaga and Madonna.

The Music Hall is a two-story venue that has tribute acts playing, forming shows in themselves, then, as we move to the back-end of the ship we have more shows at Two70°.
Tell us more about Two70° and the shows that can be seen there.

By day Two70° is a great viewing platform, with a great view of the sea. By night, Vistarama changes everything.

The windows become 22ft high screens that form the backdrop to the shows and performances in the venue, working with innovative robot screens to offer an interactive experience.
Spectre’s Cabaret is one such show, which has a cast of 16 and again it has things coming from above and below with lots of aerial elements. It’s a very cool show.

The show also uses robot screens. They came from an idea of attaching a video screen to a robot arm and programming it in a way that gives it lifelike motion. The screens have 12K resolution, so it’s incredible quality. The screens interact with the performers throughout Spectre’s Cabaret in unique ways. We can also feature video and imagery content on those screens.
Again, it’s something that no one else does. No other cruise company does this and it’s incredibly immersive. You feel like you’re part of the show.

Stepping away from the nightlife, we hear there are opportunities to get your heartbeat racing on an indoor wind tunnel.

RipCord by iFlySM is a skydive simulator. You can just come on and do it with no training. There’s an instructor with you and they’re moving you around. As you get more comfortable, they’ll back off and let you take over. If you reach the sides, they’ll guide you back and position you.

I have done it and it was incredible. I’ve not been tempted to do a real-life skydive though! My wife, who works onboard, skydived a couple of years ago and she said it’s very similar to the real thing.
We’re the only cruise line to have skydive simulators. They’re on our three Quantum Class ships, of which Ovation of the Seas is the third. We’re all about doing things that are out of the box and completely unique.

RipCord by iFLY
For guests that might not be looking for such a rush, can you tell us more about North Star experience?

North Star is a capsule that will take 15 people skyward, 300ft above sea level.
There are two modes – the observation mode will take you directly up, so you can see lengthways along the ship – and free mode, which will take you up and over the side of the ship, before going back up and over to the other side.

You can do it in port too – although it’s down to each port’s authority, depending on where we are. 95% of ports are absolutely fine, but if there’s an airport nearby for instance, we might have to stick to specific time slots. Generally it’s fine.

It’s very smart. People have been married in those capsules. In fact we’ve got a wedding coming up in a few weeks – and then we have a renewal of vows – there are special moments where people want us to take them up. North Star is available for guests to book in pre-cruise planning online, onboard, or through the Royal iQ app.

North Star
We’ve covered adults – now for the children. What’s on offer for little cruisers?

We have Adventure Ocean for three to 17 year old guests. They have different programs throughout the day, which start first thing in the morning. There may be craft sessions, science sessions, in addition to play groups and projects. There’s a lot to do up there.

What’s the one thing that guests mustn’t miss on Ovation of the Seas?

It’s really difficult to say just one thing. The problem is finding time to do it all. Getting to see all of the events and shows, 3D movies, tribute bands, events in The Music Hall, the Royal Esplanade, shows in Two70°, Sea Plex with bumper cars, trapeze, rollerskating, North Star, RipCord by iFlySM, Flow Rider surfing… It’s hard to do it all – but you will want to!

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