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Change Your Scene in 2019 with £150 Off!* Viewed 1005 times Dec 26, 2018

From cruising around the colourful coastlines of the sunshine-soaked Mediterranean to absorbing yourself in the stunning silence of The Norwegian Fjords – there’s plenty out there to stick on your bucket list. And it’s never been easier to…

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Virgin Voyages Wave Goodbye To Cruise Dining Clichés Viewed 444 times Nov 12, 2018

Virgin Voyages aren’t coming quietly! With a completely new take on cruising, Virgin Voyages are intent on providing an entirely different experience and that’s certainly the case with Scarlet Lady’s food choices. Waving goodbye to old cruise ship…

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What’s NEW! The Important Updates for Marella Cruises in 2019 Viewed 1216 times Nov 8, 2018

The exciting double-whammy launch of Marella Cruises’ winter 2019 and summer 2020 cruise programmes all in one day has given us a lot to talk about! Along with new ports and new itineraries, there are lots of other…

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Marella Cruises Launch 11 New Itineraries for Winter 2019 & Summer 2020 Programmes! Viewed 951 times Nov 8, 2018

Exciting news cruise fans! This November Marella Cruises have brought us the launch of two seasons with Winter ‘19 and Summer 2020 sailings! This also means new itineraries, 11 of them to be exact! Each new sailing is…

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New Ports of Call for Marella Cruises’ Winter 2019 & Summer 2020 Programmes Viewed 853 times Nov 8, 2018

Exciting news! Marella Cruises’ Winter 2019 and Summer 2020 programme is FINALLY here. And that means one thing – new ports of call!

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Sneak Peak: Marella Explorer 2’s New Venues! Viewed 717 times Oct 26, 2018

2019 is fast approaching, and in no time at all Marella Cruises will be launching their latest ship – Marella Explorer 2! The sister ship to Marella Explorer, she’ll have many of her favourite features – like the…

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