It’s true that cruising with a group or partner can have its benefits – which is why so many people choose to do so every year. However, there are some things that the best singles cruises offer the independent traveller that are really worth investigating. Here’s our rundown of why booking a solo cruise could be the best decision you make this year.

1. See the world your way

First and foremost, if you’re going it alone, you’ll be able to truly travel. Cruising with loved ones means sharing an experience, while single cruise passengers see the sights that they really want to, without compromising.

2. Meet like-minded people

Cruises attract many singles who are looking to expand their social circle and meet new people. While everyone has their own reasons for going solo, you can bet those that do will have a fair amount in common with you.

You’ll find that every cruise ship has its fair share of single cruisers for you to get to know. In fact, many ships host singles-only events for those looking to make new friends.

3. Live by your own schedule

When you travel alone you won’t need to worry about scheduling your day around other people. No matter how well you get on with your loved ones, people have different interests and body clocks. Taking advantage of singles cruise deals means you’re totally in charge of what you do. If you decide you no longer want to visit the must-see tourist attraction in the next port, no one will be disappointed.

4. Look after number one

Independent travellers come in small packages. That means one seat, one meal, one cabin, one bed. The simplicity and ease of traveling solo should not be underestimated. You’ll often find a spare seat, or a last minute slot in the spa, for example. An individual can often get in places larger groups can’t, and you’ll find that’s a real bonus.

5. Never alone…

Sure, you book alone, but on the cruise you’ll never actually be lonely. These ships attract people with amazing outlooks on life, looking to get out on another adventure with people just like them. The thing about cruising solo is that, rather than being in just one social group, you have the opportunity to explore many. Cruises are amazing social environments, and you’ll find welcoming people wherever you look.

6. …Unless you want to be

That’s not to say that you won’t be able to escape if you want to. With your very own single cabin, you’ll easily be able to take yourself away for some peace and quiet if you need it. Travelling alone means that you don’t have to socialise if you don’t want to, and no one will get offended if you want some precious me-time.

Whether it be reading a book on the deck, enjoying many relaxing spa treatments, taking a wander, or having a nap, you’ll be able to take a little time to yourself whenever you want it.

7. You get special treatment

Singles deals often come with unique advantages and benefits that group travellers don’t get. This may include All Inclusive packages, drinks offers, money off at many of the ship’s facilities and more. After a while, you may wonder how you ever did without them. Don’t miss out on the singles parties that many ships throw either — you can only get in if you’re on your own.

8. Be a winner

Last but certainly not least on our list — you might just go home with something a little special. Cruise lines occasionally give solo travellers the opportunity to enter into prize draws, raffles or competitions. You could walk away with a number of different prizes and souvenirs, which you could enjoy yourself or give as gifts – it’s up to you!

9. Take time to reflect

When it’s just you and the sea on long lazy days of leisure, you can really invest some time into thinking over the important things in life. Solo travellers often claim that their time away on a cruise gave them the kind of new perspective that only travel can provide. Although a cruise is a commitment to pleasure unlike any other, it can also refresh parts of you that you’ve lost touch with in life’s hustle and bustle.

10. It makes for quite the story

One day when the kids are old enough or when your friends first meet your new partner, they’ll ask how you both met. While a singles cruise doesn’t guarantee you meeting a special someone, the possibility always exists. What’s more, it’s a lot more interesting a tale than meeting down the pub or at a party. Imagine boasting to folks how you and your beau met by a Caribbean sunset!

11. Your budget stays intact

When you’re cruising as a couple or in a group, even the most close-knit of people will find ways to spend their cash that’s a bit beyond what was originally planned. When you cruise solo, you’re essentially defining only one person to budget for, and that’s you. Those little bits and pieces can add up when you’re getting ice creams for the kids or another cocktail for your partner, whereas when it’s just you, you’re the only one splashing the cash.

12. Treat yourself guilt-free

Leading on from the above, what use is a budget on a cruise if you’re not going to spoil yourself a little? When you’re cruising solo, you needn’t justify anything you purchase to anyone. Whether it’s a spa treatment, a designer piece, or even just a slap up meal, there’s nobody you need to convince you deserve it but you.

13. Some cruise lines reward the single traveller

We already talked about the prize draws and competitions that cruise lines indulge in with solo guests, yet some cruise lines go one step further. For example, Royal Caribbean® has introduced the Crown & Anchor Society incentive. It gives all single cruisers bonus points for certain cruise bookings – which then translate into credits onboard for perks like extra drinks or meals. It’s a win-win!

Cruising is a great way to see the world, whether you’re single or booking as a group. However if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, rest assured we’re close at hand to ease the process and find you the best deals.

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