We all love cruising for the chance to see some of the world’s most stunning locations. Stepping onboard your chosen cruise ship is an invitation to cast off for new horizons and fascinating new experiences. Better still, most of the time those voyages will whisk you back to where you began after an inspiring round trip.

However, that’s not the case for repositioning cruises, also known in slang terms as repo cruises. These involve a cruise ship beginning in one location and sailing to end its journey in another, often pretty far from the part of the world where it began. Check out our tips to discover how repositioning cruises might work out well for you.

Understanding repositioning cruises

There are a lot of factors in play behind how repositioning cruises work. Remember, these amazing ships are in high demand with travellers across the world, not just those of us in the UK.

What’s more, the shifting of seasons has a big part in why repositioning cruises take place. Cruise lines move their most popular ships to take part in itineraries that feature the best in local events and honest to goodness sunshine, and that means moving around the globe to find them.

Often, repositioning cruises also take place when a cruise ship’s home port is being changed. Cruise ships change the parts of the world they call home from time to time, and these shifts are often when repositioning cruises will take place.

What a repositioning cruise offers

Repositioning cruises give guests the chance to take voyages that go from A to B across oceans and vast territories. For instance, a repositioning cruise to Hawaii might take you across the Pacific and end its journey in the Far East. In general, repositioning cruises offer more unusual, and often somewhat cheaper, ways to see the world than standard itineraries.

There are a few details that it’s worth keeping in mind though. For one thing, repositioning cruises tend to last somewhat longer than other cruise itineraries because of how long it takes for the cruise ship to travel what are often immense distances. Secondly, there are many repositioning cruises that spend several days at a time at sea, surrounded only by vistas of the Atlantic or Pacific all around you. Luckily, cruise ships today are modern and active enough that you’re unlikely to get bored, but it’s still something to consider.

When to book a repositioning cruise

The question of how to find repositioning cruises is often as much a question of when you want to set sail. In other words, because repositioning cruises often follow the flow of seasons, you’ll find that transitional times of the year like springtime and autumn are when they become more plentiful.

While our advisors can help you during the booking process to nail down the best repositioning cruise for you, you can also do your own research. Think about the parts of the world you want to visit and when they’re the most active. For example, in time for the summer, cruise ships based in the Americas make a journey across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Similarly, as autumn and the colder months roll around, many repositioning cruises see those same ships turn and head to the rich, warm waters of the Caribbean.

All in all, repositioning cruises offer a great mix of good value, wide horizons and seasonal travel. See how these options can inspire you for your next voyage on the cruise ship of your dreams.

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