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Venice is a glorious cliché – more romantic, more beautiful and more surprising than you could expect. No matter how many photographs or films you’ve seen, it’s still a jaw-dropping experience seeing Venice’s canals and palaces for the first time. That first cruise down the Grand Canal – punctuated by exclamations and photo-snapping – is one of life’s unforgettable experiences.

A city full of unexplored corners and undiscovered cultural gems, the world’s only pedestrianised city – no roads, traffic or the smell of fumes in the air – Venice is a wonderful place to explore on foot, or by taking a ride in one of its famous gondolas that glide up and down the surrounding waters. There’s beautiful architecture at every turn, countless museums and galleries and fascinating historical monuments – all for you to discover.

And don’t forget, you’re in Italy, so prepare yourself for amazing food! Pasta, pizza, fresh fish, and olives washed down with some of the most sumptuous wine or coffee – it’s all on the menu! Get ready to eat in world-famous restaurants or simply head to where the locals choose to dine – your tastebuds will certainly thank you for it. Get a taste of fresh crab, rich ravioli or the speciality risotto – you won’t be short of fantastic flavours in Venice.

Famous for…

Saint Marks square is Venice on parade, where everyone comes to see and be seen. It’s  Venice’s only square with the title of piazza – the rest are called campo. Life has revolved around this piazza since the days of the Republic, when it was a market as well as the centre of civic and religious life. Considered one of the finest squares in the world and certainly Venice’s prime attraction, it’s surrounded on three sides by the stately arcades of public buildings and on the fourth, by Basilica di San Marco’s uprising of domes and arches and the soaring St. Mark’s campanile. No obstruction mars the vast stone-paved expanse of St. Mark’s Square, where the only traffic is Venetians, tourists, and the ever-present pigeons. If you’re heading to Venice, a selfie in this square is a must.

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