While the UK might seem to be winding down in November, around the rest of the world there’s a treasure trove of hot destinations that are more than ready to welcome you. If you’re wondering where is hot in November, and feel overwhelmed by the destinations on offer, cruising is definitely the way forward.

If you’re looking for some last minute tan-topping before the year’s end, a firework’s night to remember or a way to grab some Christmas shopping from some far-flung places, a November cruise is perfect. With that in mind, check out some of our favourite places for cruising in the penultimate month of the year…


Warm, sunny weather and less crowds make November a great time for visiting beautiful Lanzarote. Temperatures regularly reach highs of 24°C, so don’t fret about missing out on a sunbathing session. With the Canary Islands being so accessible by pretty much every cruise line, you can take your pick as to who to travel with! Stop by Costa Teguise if you like a bit of liveliness, or take a relaxing trip to Puerto Calero for a more peaceful area, with quiet beaches.

You can expect an average November daily temperature of 21°C in Lanzarote, with eight hours of sunshine a day and an average month’s rain fall of about 15 millimetres. Naturally, beaches are clearer and more open, come November, so you can spread out and soak up the rays alongside your fellow cruise guests.


Timeworn but magnificent and dilapidated but dignified, Cuba is a country of indefinable magic. It’s ‘old school cool’ to say the least and a real escape from the hustle and bustle of its neighbouring Caribbean islands. That said, head to Havana and the party never stops, with old American cars and big dark cigars coming into focus. The zest for life is high here, so get stuck into the incredible food and crisp rum.

November sees plenty of sun – as dry season officially starts! With an average high of 24°C in November, there aren’t many better places to get that pre-Christmas sun! With eight hours of sunshine a day, a golden tan that you’d expect to get in the Caribbean is guaranteed, but with some added Latin spice. Cuba is gorgeously photogenic, so prepare to come home with devices bursting with snaps.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde sits off the west coast of North Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean and has hot weather and almost no rain in November. Dubbed the ‘African Caribbean’, there are differences in weather around the islands, but you can look forward to lots of sun at this time.

Volcanic sandy beaches rule the day here, across all the gorgeous islands, which are often dubbed the next Canary Islands. Indeed, mainstream tourism hasn’t quite hit Cape Verde yet, so hinterlands are lovely and untamed, while coastlines are dominated more by family-run restaurants than towering white multinational hotels. That homegrown touch is well represented in the food too, with plenty of flavours from the deep brightening up your plate, alongside pastas, salads and stews. Cape Verde is a haven for animal-lovers too, with Boa Vista offering guests the chance to meet and greet some plucky turtles who use the soft sand and sumptuous warmth to nest and lay eggs every year.

If you’re wondering where’s warm in November, Cape Verde is right up there on the must-see list. With an average of 26°C and seven hours of sunshine a day, all with an average monthly rainfall of nine millimetres, this is as far from the typical autumn and winter as it gets.


Vietnam is home to some of south-east Asia’s best kept secrets. From north to south, in every cruise destination you’ll get a real taste of local life. As well as beaches and national parks, there are pearl farms, fishing villages and so many marvellous markets to explore. You can also take a river cruise and head through mainland Vietnam, along the Mekong river – passing world wonders like Halong Bay. Ho Chi Minh city is also a spectacular visit, too! The average temperature does change depending if you’re in north, south or central Vietnam – the country has three different weather systems, due to its length!

Average November highs of 27°C spread across nine hours of sunshine a day make Vietnam a tropical treat that’s rich in exotic mystique. It’s partly why the Far East is rising in popularity as a cruising destination!


The home of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is situated off the north coast of Africa, making this a hot contender when you’re thinking about where to go in November. This region of Portugal offers warm weather in November, perfect for exploring without feeling like you’re melting away. Temperatures reach up to 21°C – the climate of Madeira is similar to that found around the Mediterranean or in coastal California. You’ll catch Madeira on the majority of Canary Island itineraries – if you’re heading into Funchal, you’re in a for a real treat! The sweet smell of flowers will hit you the minute you step ashore, so make sure to check out the beautiful botanical gardens here. You won’t be disappointed!

On average, November temperatures in Madeira hang around 19°C daily. While you can expect the month to cover 90 millimetres of rain, you can also expect six hours of sunshine daily, all best enjoyed either on deck by the pool or on one of the gorgeous natural beaches of the island.

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