Cruises are wonderful, yet to truly explore the best destinations you often need to jet out to meet your ship before even getting started. Keep in mind, however, that you can still explore the world directly from UK shores, thanks to popular no-fly cruise deals. With itineraries leaving right from the UK, across a range of top cruise lines, you have a fantastic choice of hassle-free cruises to destinations all around the world.

Why no-fly cruises work so well

Because of where the UK sits on the globe, it’s in a great position for cruise lines to base their best ships here, before departing on fabulous voyages, making for the best no-fly cruises. What’s more, ports across the UK are really well positioned, so bustling ones, like Southampton, play home to top cruise lines venturing to France, the Baltics and the Mediterranean with ease.

Similarly, to the western and southern side of the UK, you’ll find places such as Portsmouth offering some of the top no-fly cruises from the UK, including sumptuous journeys into the heart of the Caribbean.

A no-fly cruise is not just a way to avoid the costs of booking a flight to go and meet your cruise ship, although that’s definitely a big part of it. It’s about more than just savings, because you’re also saving yourself hassle in terms of packing, travelling to the airport, getting through customs and, of course, sitting on the plane to fly out. No wonder no-fly cruises are growing in popularity.

How your comfort comes first on no-fly cruises

While almost every major cruise line has a no-fly cruise or two departing from the UK, certain ones definitely go the extra mile. For instance, the prestigious cruise line Cunard actually calls the UK home and as such, cruises onboard top ships such as the Queen Elizabeth often depart from Southampton and the like.

It’s also good to know that even the most modern cruise ships, like those of Marella Cruises, are keen to call the UK home. It’s an exciting time for Marella Cruises too, because the fleet is growing beautifully. Taking inspiration from Marella Discovery, launched in 2016, Marella Discovery 2 set sail in 2017 full of top entertainment, dining options and luxury. These are seriously modern and well designed cruise ships, with thoughtful touches throughout. For example, Discovery 2 boasts a couple of pools as well as the Movies by Moonlight outdoor cinema experience, together with spacious suites and dining that ranges from Mediterranean to Asian. The Marella Discovery 2 is also the perfect size to slip into UK ports such as Southampton.

To take the luxury up a notch, you can give the Marella Dream a try too. It’s got all the perks you’d expect from a Marella cruise ship, with plenty of voyages sailing from UK ports to boot, but with an added layer of lavish style. The Broad Street Shops onboard promise a range of designer names and freshly discovered goodies, often with flash sales that give you plenty of opportunity to bring treats home. Elsewhere, the cruise ship also hosts a casino, a photography studio and an art gallery, making for quite the refined time at sea.

All in all, the benefits of a no-fly cruise are that you can get settled onboard that much faster, letting you explore exactly the kinds of hotspots we’ve described, for yourself.

Some inspiration for your next no-fly cruise

If you’re still seeking inspiration for your next no-fly cruise, look no further. Now you know that your port of departure is no more than a few hours’ drive away, you can start considering which destinations appeal to you the most.

It needn’t be the farthest corners of the globe every time, though. Sometimes, a cruise closer to home is the finest time at sea. A cruise like the Grand British Isles Discovery, with Cruise & Maritime Voyages, promises a relaxed sweep up from Poole for a cheeky hop over the Channel to Dunkirk in France. Following that, the voyage takes you up to the Orkney Islands and Outer Hebrides, before curling over the British Isles’ northernmost tip, to glide down to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

But of course, your horizons can be as broad as you like on a no-fly cruise, thanks to the UK’s nicely central position on the globe. It makes sense that cruise ships love to call our green and pleasant land home between voyages and the prospect of heading on a transatlantic voyage is always tantalising. Cunard’s classic commitment to connecting cruisers with New York City, for instance, is a Southampton mainstay. The much beloved Queen Mary 2 is styled to inspire feelings of the classic cruising era, complete with its spacious dining hall and tastefully decorated suites. Its round trips from Southampton to New York and back again wonderfully complement that sensation of experiencing a golden age.

Looking to Europe, a no-fly cruise from the UK sees you being well connected. Christmas markets in Germany and The Netherlands are a given, as are short breaks to Bruges and the like. In fact, both Scandinavia and the Baltic region are superbly accessible on no-fly cruises from the UK, making for an option that’s almost as popular as the evergreen charm of the Mediterranean.

Countless no-fly cruises are now taking advantage of the ease of sailing down to the Canary Islands too, taking in islands like Gran Canaria and Madeira on trips that combine luxury and grace with sunshine and sand. And remember, cruise lines are expanding the range of destinations we can enjoy all the time, so who knows where the cruises of the coming years will take us. If you truly can’t decide on one destination and fancy the trip of a lifetime, why not opt for a round the world cruise that starts and ends right here in the UK?

Taking a no-fly cruise keeps your options open and your horizons broad, so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind when you book your next big voyage. Don’t be shy in browsing the deals and finding your inspiration with us.

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