The perks of a no-fly cruise are more numerous than you might think. Forget the stress of an airport and depart for your holiday much closer to home – and as an added bonus you’ll probably see some surprising and beautiful parts of the country along the way.

The great part about no-fly cruise deals is that they keep your point of departure close to home, negating the need to worry about booking and boarding a flight to meet your cruise ship. Departure points are available throughout the UK – from Southampton and Dover in the south to the likes of Newcastle and Rosyth, near Edinburgh, in the north. With ports such as Liverpool in between, you won’t have to travel far to start your holiday as your cruise gets into full swing as soon as you step onboard.

Why to choose a no-fly cruise

In essence, enjoying a no-fly cruise means you’re taking a step out of the great cruising journey. In fact, it’s often calculated that as much as 50% of UK cruisers, or around a million cruise ship guests per year, choose cruises that depart from UK ports.

Much of why it’s such a popular way of cruising is because the no-fly option offers freedom from the hassle of flying as a whole. In the excitement, it’s easy to forget how much time and energy is spent checking into airports, undergoing security and sitting onboard the plane. If you’re taking a Caribbean cruise for instance, you’re likely to spend almost 10 hours in the air before you even get to where your ship awaits you. If you don’t like flying, that’s all the more unappetising. By contrast, a no-fly cruise has you onboard your ship and relishing your freedom much more quickly.

Ports across the UK

The best no-fly cruises are the ones that feel like they’re just a short drive away. Because of the UK’s position on the globe, as well as the size of our green and pleasant land, it’s usually easy getting to your port of departure no matter where you live. It’s just one of the reasons why cruises around the British Isles are always so popular.

One of the busiest and most popular cruise ship ports in the UK is Southampton. You’ll find that you can book a cruise to pretty much anywhere, east or west, from this historic port town, and it’s a particular favourite for the sleek, modern ships of Marella Cruises. In the summer months, Southampton lights up as further cruise lines choose it as a port of departure to destinations across the globe.

Further afield are major ports such as Dover and Liverpool, each of which take advantage of a strong maritime history to get cruise ships going westward, eastward or even for a jaunt around the British Isles themselves. You can also board some no-fly cruises from London, although these tend to be onboard cruise ships that are small enough to fit into the Thames. Wherever you’re cruising from however, you might just be surprised at how many ports the UK can offer you.

Destinations you can reach by a no-fly cruise

Even with a no-fly cruise, you’re still more than able to reach all of the world’s top cruise destinations. As a general rule you’ll find that cruise lines make it easier by choosing UK ports of departure that face the points of the compass they’ll be approaching. So for example, Leith, one of Scotland’s major ports close to Edinburgh, is where lines head out on their no-fly cruises to Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, ports such as Southampton, Harwich or London often mark the beginning of no-fly voyages towards France, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Consider a cruise starting and finishing in the UK that takes you to some of Europe’s most vibrant cities if you’re after affordable way to see a lot in a short space of time. What’s more, UK towns like Dover, Portsmouth and Belfast in Northern Ireland offer the most frequent no-fly transatlantic cruises, as well as those to the Caribbean.

How easy is it to find a no-fly cruise?

Cruise operators tend to offer a no-fly cruise option as standard on lots of their itineraries, because they know that many of us prefer it this way. When booking your cruise, or even exploring your options online, you’ll often find a tickbox on the form to signal that you’d prefer a no-fly cruise, and the computer wizardry behind the scenes will take that into account when finding your deal.

Chances are, if you’ve a favourite cruise line, they have at least one or two no-fly cruises departing from the UK, if not several. In fact, this country is growing ever more popular in attracting the freshest cruise ships to our shores. The Port of Tyne at Newcastle has welcomed the attention of Marella Cruises all the more, and the city has become the base for the magnificent cruise ship Marella Discovery from 2018 going forward.

Marella Discovery is a sumptuous ship to sail with, featuring an outdoor cinema and sublime pools, together with entertainment options to rival even those of Broadway. Restaurants are tastefully placed across the good ship’s colourful sprawl, while All Inclusive offers are rapidly becoming the standard. Having all this affordable luxury on your doorstep means that plenty of UK cruise fans are lining up to see Marella Discovery make Newcastle her home.

Altogether, a no-fly cruise offers you as host of advantages, with convenience being the key to it all. There’s bound to be a good mix of itinerary and cruise line to suit you, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s out there.

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