While springtime promises blossoms and new beginnings, it’s still not always enough to make sure you’re going to get the sunshine you deserve. Luckily, a good way to get the best out of March weather is to hop on a cruise, to some of the world’s most fascinating locations.

The world is your oyster onboard your cruise ship and just as the skies get a little more blue back home, the most exotic locations on the globe become hot and welcoming, come March. Best of all, cruising offers a way to see lots of destinations back-to-back, all in comfort and style onboard a modern and incredible vessel. With that in mind, here are a few of our recommendations for March cruises.

The Caribbean

While it’s a tried and true cruising destination, it’s popular every year for a reason. Indeed, there’s no wrong time to visit the Caribbean, yet for many potential guests wondering where is hot in March, it’s a blissfully easy choice.

Countless islands in the sun speckle this part of the world and your cruise promises to whisk you to all the best ones. Barbados will enrich you with its seafood cuisine and fantastic party nightlife, while Jamaica will ease your worries over a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and a beachfront day, topped off with jerk chicken dining. Islands like Sint Maarten and Antigua will take you away from mainstream tourism to explore forgotten coves and rainforest journeys, as well as vibrant little port towns and capital cities where life is lived in the moment.

The Canary Islands

Many of the world’s most popular holidays in March lead to the Canary Islands and they’re just as beloved by the cruising world. Tenerife, the most popular of these islands, dazzles with hot blue skies all year round, but in March especially and its sublime views can be enjoyed from the peak of its famous Mount Teide. The volcano’s influences on the island are many, including in the creation of the rich dark sand you can enjoy on many of the island’s beaches.

Elsewhere, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are always beloved by holidaymakers, yet your cruise lets you check them out with a little more style. You’re likely to find countless tours and bicycle excursions into the inner realms of those islands, but can just as happily embrace the historic museums and sandy beaches to be had. Also check out Fuerteventura, whose beaches are among the best in the world.

South America

While the likes of Cuba and Mexico always appeal to travellers looking to sip rum and dance salsa in some of the world’s most passionate places, hopping on a cruise ship opens up even more opportunities to you.

In March, South America’s closeness to the equator and its ports in the Southern Hemisphere offer benefits like never before. Thermometers climb as your cruise ship winds its way to the forgotten civilisations of Costa Maya, or to the colonial relics and remnants of cities like Belize.

Many cruises will also sweep to more lively and up-and-coming destinations like Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. The cavelas and streets of this timeless capital, watched over by the endless beauty of the huge white Cristo Redentor statue, evoke much inspiration during on shore excursions, as well as being a hotspot for foodies.

Truly select cruises will whisk you around the Galapagos Isles too, enabling you to partake of wildlife watching and natural wonders the likes of which formerly only David Attenborough could tell you about.

The Far East

A lot of Asian countries, particularly around The Philippines, Malaysia and even the likes of Hong Kong, Busan and Singapore, are subtropical and very hot in March. Naturally, cruise lines are more than happy to make the most of this and you should be too.

Places like Thailand are cropping up on cruise itineraries, as the country shies away from being a backpacking mainstay alone to instead, embrace mainstream tourism and, of course, cruising. Rainforest tours, exploration of Buddhist tombs and temples and some fantastic cuisine are all a given. However, give the likes of Langkawi, the islands scattered around Malaysia, a look too. Cruises often stop by here to let their guests enjoy scuba diving and more traditional boat tours. If you’re feeling the cultural itch more and more, the rice paddies of Vietnam beckon with just as much allure. Throughout these forgotten shores, clues to past colonial influences remain even today, with surprising French touches visible in art and architecture.

The Middle East and Central Asia

For glitz, prestige and a glimpse of the future, cruise guests need look no further than Dubai. The desert city’s heat is more than manageable come March and the metropolis also boasts food and fashion fiestas throughout the year.

Beach life is a big deal in this gleaming city and you can expect yachts to shimmer in Dubai Marina as much as your glass to glisten in the hot sun, as you bask on the sand.

That said, you can expect that a cruise around the Middle Easte will also take advantage of lots of detours to other destinations. Step forward India, especially the bustling beaches and night markets of Goa and the tireless appeal of Mumbai. Both are rising stars in the cruising world as guests’ tastes broaden and the taste for good food will be equally matched by these stunning locales.

Likewise, Sri Lanka is not to be missed, not least as the country’s culture shifts onto the global stage more and more. That’s partly thanks to its unique cuisine, including heavenly coconut milkshakes, but also its revamped railway network. Guests can go from one mode of transport to another when stepping off the cruise ship, straight onto a train, to cross through canyons and rainforest canopies. Pack your camera for the best views of the sunset here.

Cruises in March offer endless ways to see the sun and the destinations here are just the beginning. Check out our latest cruise offers as you plan a springtime sojourn with us!

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