If you’re a real food lover, you’ll already know that a cruise ship serves up some of the tastiest cuisine you could ever wish for – but what about your ports of call? If you want to head to places that are bursting with flavour, take a look at some of the destinations below…

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is located on Canada’s west coast, and the region has some of the best agricultural land with the longest growing climate. Farm-to-table dining was perfected in Vancouver before taking over the food industry. The city has become a huge force in the food truck business, with popular trucks selling tacos, Indian cuisine, and even unconventional dishes. Vancouver is also a huge destination for authentic Asian dining and sustainably-caught seafood. With such a large focus on sustainability and local eating, Vancouver has effortlessly attracted great chefs to its shores. V for Vancouver – V for Variety!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Food is a serious venture in the Scandinavian culinary capital, a city with one of the best-ranked restaurants in the world, Noma. Many of the city’s restaurants fill their reservations months in advance, but eating well doesn’t have to take weeks of planning. Budget eaters can take advantage of great food like Copenhagen’s Smorrebrod, an open-faced sandwich piled with fish, meat, or vegetables – or instead opt for Danish-style hot dogs from Harry’s Place, a humble hot dog shop that has been voted the best eatery in the city by locals. Copenhagen is known for fearless experimentation with food, unconventional ingredients, and artful displays. A great stop off when sailing Northern Europe and the Baltics.

Florence, Italy

Florence is known worldwide for its art, history, architecture, fashion, and also its distinctive cuisine. The rustic food has been largely unchanged over the years, and it dates back to ancient civilizations. Specialties of thick-crusted, salt-less bread and saucy pastas grew out of the traditions of simple peasant eating. Today, the same dishes are made into fine-dining meals. Florence is rich with fantastic local produce like world-class olive oil, mellow cheeses, and grilled meats. Popular dishes are thick, hearty soups, Chianti wine, and roasted or wine-braised game like boar, deer, and rabbit. You won’t struggle to find Florence on a western Mediterranean itinerary anytime soon!

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco has a rich history whose influences are clear not only in the architecture, but in gastronomy too – tourists can find cuisine from all corners of the globe. Dishes like shish kebabs, mechoui (slow-roasted lamb), fried eggplant, and couscous are popular and cheap from the fantastic selection of food stalls. Large barrels filled with spices like saffron and turmeric and huge bowls of piled-up olives are colorful giants that are standard sights in Casablancas’s markets. Outside the city walls, away from the rush of the markets, fine dining in extravagant restaurants can also be found – a traditional Moroccan tagine is always a good choice. This port of call is a popular stop off as you cruise around Iberia from Lisbon to Barcelona.

Vigo, Spain

Pintxos, a style of eating similar to tapas, rules in Northern Spain. Traditionally, pintxos are small snacks served on skewers that are eaten with drinks in a social atmosphere, but they’re not shared like tapas. In Vigo, chefs have started experimenting with pintxos, and instead of customers choosing from readily provided options at the bar, chefs are preparing the dishes to-order. This new way of eating pintxos means each dish is freshly and extravagantly made, like a small gourmet meal. The city is generally known for its high-quality everyday food, and is one of the best spots to order fresh seafood. Vigo is a popular port on ex-UK sailings down to Spain and Portugal.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This lively city is known for excellent street food, atmospheric fine dining establishments, and everything in between. When France colonised Ho Chi Minh City, a combination of French styles and Vietnamese flavor led to a delicious creation—the banh mi. The word only means bread in Vietnamese, but foreigners know it as the sandwich served on French bread and made with meat-steamed or roasted pork belly, grilled chicken, or Vietnamese sausage-pate, sliced cucumber, coriander, pickled carrots, and other vegetables. Other traditional dishes include pho – a noodle soup with meat and vegetables, op la – eggs prepared with slices of meat and onion, and bun rein – a tomato and crab-based broth with noodles and meat or tofu. If you’re cruising south-east Asia – Ho Chi Minh City is more than likely to be on the itinerary. Lucky you!

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