The summer season is a beautiful time, with the sun beaming down, outdoor picnics, drinks in the beer garden and lazing around on the beach with an ice-cream in hand. But not everyone likes to be hot, and some might even dread this time of year when the mosquitoes come out to play and the mugginess can be stifling.

When the weather gets warm there’s little that can be done to cool you down, except maybe to take a dip in the pool or find an air-conditioned restaurant to spend the evening. Instead of trying to stay cool by staying indoors all summer, take this opportunity to hop aboard a cruise and explore some colder destinations.

There’s several places you can travel to that are sure to bring the temperature down to a more bearable heat and help you enjoy this time of year again.


Iceland has numerous ports ready for you to dock at including the world’s most northerly capital, Reykjavik. This modern bustling hub of activity has plenty to offer visitors including spectacular lava fields, geysers and steaming geothermal springs. One of the most famous geothermal hot springs is the Blue Lagoon. Here you can swim in warm waters and reap the beauty benefits of the mineral rich springs.

Another cooler summer destination on your cruise journey could be Isafjordur, the main city on Iceland’s north west coast. Geologically this is the oldest part of Iceland and boasts some of its most incredible landscapes and natural wildlife.

If you’re a bird watcher the basalt cliff of Latrabjard is home to the largest seabird colony in the world, you might also be able to spot some puffins if you’re lucky. Isafjordur is a nature lover’s dream with scenic walking tours throughout the parks and opportunities to spot seals and Artic foxes. Iceland’s summer days are long with the sun only going down for a few hours every day, meaning you can make the most of your trip and your time there.


Alaska’s 22 hours of sunlight during the summer months is a big draw for any visitors coming from the UK. It can get fairly warm in the summer but you’ll be greeted by a cool northerly breeze and be miles away from any mugginess.

The wildlife in Alaska is something to be marvelled at, and as you cruise by or enjoy a hike through the rolling hills you’ll be sure to come across several species including bears, mountain goats, sea lions, seals and whales.

Whale watching is a must for any Alaskan holiday and in these cold waters you can see everything from giant humpback whales to stunning killer whales. Summer is the best time to spot these majestic creatures.

After some epic wildlife sightings venture to the capital city of Juneau where you can grab a drink at the famous Alaskan Brewing Company or take a walk through the thriving city and pick up a few souvenirs including some ‘Glacial Smoothie Soaps’.

Galapagos Islands

June through to November is the Galapagos’ winter season, and it’s a great time to visit if you’re looking to get away from any stifling hot weather back home. The Humboldt Current that makes its way up through the islands brings refreshing cold weather with highs of 20°C in August and lows of 15°C.

If you’re into diving this is the best time to visit the Galapagos as there’s a wide variety of underwater marine life to be seen including stingrays, sea lions and giant tortoises. Charles Darwin fans can spot many of the same creatures that led him to form his theory of evolution. The Galapagos Islands are also home to beautiful white beaches if you still want time to stretch out and grab that summer tan.


It may not sound that exotic but Scotland is a fantastic place to visit in the summer months if you’re looking to cool down. The average summer temperature here is 19°C and the country’s high latitude means the daylight hours in the summer are long and there’s often an extended twilight. In fact, in the northern part of Scotland you’ll have about four more hours of sunlight than in London.

The northern Shetland Islands offer open spaces and clean fresh air on your summer trip. There’s tons of wildlife around including seals and otters splashing in the water and, of course famous Shetland ponies trotting along the countryside.


The thriving cosmopolitan centre of St. Petersburg makes for an excellent place to visit during the summer months. Temperatures here hover around 18°C and usually don’t get any higher than 22°C. There’s so much history and culture to explore with endless palaces, museums, winding canals and churches. There’s also lots of green space and some beautiful historic gardens to venture through.

You may even be able to catch the renowned midsummer White Nights event which celebrates the solstice with a series of classical ballets, operas, and music by Russian stars.

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