The reasons to go on a cruise holiday could extend on into infinity – not only are cruise holidays surprisingly affordable, but they can also be flexible, effortless, action-packed, family-friendly and romantic. And, most importantly, they can take you to all four corners of the world.

If you’ve ever wondered why go on a cruise at all, wonder no more. With these 10 reasons, we’ll settle the cruising holiday score once and for all.

1. They’re great value for money

Compare holiday packages in terms of what you get in return for your money, and a cruise deal knocks a quick getaway out of the park when it comes to value.

With cruises, you’ve got your room, meals, entertainment and an array of destinations completely covered. The standard cruise ship also has a wide range of amenities for people of all ages, including gyms, spas, sports and kids’ clubs. Compare that to a stay in a similar standard hotel, and you’ll likely be more out of pocket if you choose to remain on land.

2. The food is incredible

Part of any great holiday is discovering new flavours and exploring different cuisines. A cruise is no different, with hundreds of options onboard. Explore everything from cafes and bar dining, to the more traditional, formal cruise fare of a three-course variety.

Cruises have always had a reputation for fine dining, and leading cruise lines continue to push the bar even higher. Many have enrolled the help of top chefs in the creation of their menus, so you’re guaranteed a spectacular culinary experience onboard. But if extravagant sit-down meals aren’t your thing, there’s almost always a full-service buffet on offer to keep you sated.

3. See a number of destinations on one trip

With so many wonderful places to see in the world, it’s hard to settle on just one place to head for a holiday. That’s where cruises come in – with a variety of stops on each route, there’s no time to get bored of any one place. Carefully-crafted excursions will help you make the most of each port of call, though exploring on your own is equally doable. It’s really up to you.

4. Cruises come in all shape and sizes

We mean this in every sense of the phrase – no cruise is one size fits all. Each voyage is totally customisable, which is a key point for most cruisers when choosing a cruise holiday. The choices go well beyond destination, too – you can opt for a large cruise ship decked out with the latest activities, like Marella Discovery 2, or choose a more secluded and refined experience, like the classic cruise ships offered by Cunard.

On top of that, there are specific themed cruises or just standard voyages, those that are strictly at-sea and others that’ll have you docking nearly every day. And don’t even get us started on what you can actually do on a cruise – your daily routine can involve hitting every single group activity, staying put beside the pool or something in between.

5. They’re as upbeat or laid-back as you want

Further to our last point, there are daily schedules that’ll let you know what kind of entertainment is on. When your ship reaches a port, you don’t even have to debark – this is generally the time when cruise spas slash their treatment prices, and that poolside sunbed you’ve had your eye on becomes delightfully free.

6. They offer amazing entertainment

Cruises have an unparalleled reputation for entertainment, and it’s no mystery why. A number of cruises have a star-studded line up on hand and are ready to entertain passengers with nightly performances.

Marella Cruises is known for its Broadway Lounge onboard its vibrant ships, where comedy shows, magic and quality live music liven up your evenings. There’s more than that to entice you though, with casinos, karaoke, dance classes and even escape rooms to pique your interest. The latest gaming consoles, together with more refined pursuits like portraiture studios, keep everyone engaged.

7. They make for especially social holidays

The contained nature of cruises means they inevitably make for social holidays. This is especially great for solo travellers or families, as you and other members of your party are rarely alone unless you want to be. You’re seeing the same people beside the pool and in the gym, at cooking classes or in the library. Making friends couldn’t be easier. Plus, if you opt for the sit-down lunch or dinner, you’ll be sat at the same table with the same cruisers every day, so recapping your day in port with your tablemates will become second nature.

8. They teach you new things

Whether it’s picking up a little Spanish or Italian on a Mediterranean cruise, or taking an onboard cocktail class to awaken your inner mixologist, cruises are a holiday where you’re bound to pick up a new skill. Libraries onboard your cruise ship make squirrelling yourself away to learn a luxury, while countless cruises offer specialist speakers on a range of subjects, from science and nature through to psychology and cooking. Add gymnasiums dance classes to the mix and you’re well on your way to improving body and mind alike.

9. Cruises are very family-friendly

In terms of a holiday that’ll please the whole family, you can’t really go wrong with a cruise. Family holidays need to be flexible in terms of their offerings, and that’s where cruises come through for the win – you can hand-pick destinations based on your family’s preferences and most cruises are jam-packed with family-friendly activities like pools, kids’ clubs, mini golf and the like.

Buffets keep picky eaters happy while poolside ice creams are sneaky treats for little ones on the go. And when it comes time for the adults to have some alone time, most major cruise lines offer child minding services so you can have a date night.

10. There’s minimal planning on your part

Last but not least, cruises score big with holidaymakers everywhere because of the sheer lack of effort they require. Once you board, absolutely everything is taken care of – there’s no meal preparation and there’s no transportation woes between ports. You can book excursions once you’ve reached your ship, but even if that’s too much, you can take the ports at your own pace. What’s most important about your cruise experience is that it’s yours – your holiday, your way.

Converted yet? We thought so. Start planning your cruise holiday today.

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