Next week will be pretty big for us here at CruiseDeals headquarters, as Saturday the 21st September will mark the beginning of National Cruise Week. Being obsessed with cruises, you can understand why we are all so excited.

We may very well be preaching to the converted , but we thought we would take this opportunity to blow our own trumpet, and talk about exactly what it is that makes a cruise holiday a cut above the rest. So get comfortable and read on to discover our top 5 reasons for going on a cruise…

1.           Value for Money

Okay, we’ll be honest here. In terms of cost, a cruise holiday is unlikely to be cheaper than a last minute week away to the Costa del Sol (although that’s not to say it’s impossible). But, compare it in terms of what you get in return for your money, and a cruise deal knocks a quick getaway out of the park when it comes to value.

The standard cruise ship has a wide range of amenities for people of all ages, including gyms, spas, sports and kids’ clubs. Compare that to a similar standard hotel, and you will likely be way more out of pocket for staying on land. Besides, you lose out on that unmistakeable cruise atmosphere!

Still not convinced? Read our post about why cruises are great value for money.

2.           Amazing Food

Part of a great holiday is discovering new flavours and exploring different cuisine. A cruise is no different, with hundreds of options on board, from cafes, to bar dining, to more traditional formal cruise fare, you are bound to find something to tantalise your taste buds.

Cruises have always had a reputation for fine dining, and cruise lines nowadays just continue to push the bar even higher. In fact, many have enrolled the help of top chefs in the creation of their menus, so you are guaranteed a spectacular culinary experience on board!

3.           A Pleasant Journey

Another aspect of cruises that trumps the more traditional family holiday is the method of transportation. Let’s be honest, would you rather spend five hours in a cramped aeroplane cabin or an evening on one of these:

It’s an easy choice to make. While flying to your destination can be painfully boring, you are not restricted to your seat at all while you sail. So you can wander around and explore the ship’s many restaurants, spas, pools, bars and shops. Sure, getting to your destination might take a little longer, but with so much to do on board, those hours will simply melt away into the ocean!

4.           Cracking Entertainment

Cruises have an unparalleled reputation for entertainment, and it’s no mystery why. Lots of cruises have a star studded line up on hand and ready to entertain their passengers. Whether you would like to catch a West End musical or take the family to a show that will be perfect for the kids, there is bound to be something for you.

5.           A Selection of Destinations

Sometimes it is really challenging trying to pick a holiday destination. With so many wonderful places to see in the world, it is hard to settle on one place. That’s where the cruise comes in. With a variety of stops on each route, there is no time to get bored of any one place. You can make the most of each port of call with a carefully crafted excursion, or explore on your own, it’s really up to you. But one thing is for sure – with so many places on your itinerary, you are bound to discover something new.

So there you have it: our top five reasons for going on a cruise. But what are yours? Why do you prefer a cruise over the more conventional holiday? Let us know in the comments below and celebrate National Cruise Week!

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