While once the mainstay of those of us welcoming the warmth of our golden years, cruising is increasingly recognised as a holiday option that appeals to all ages. Indeed, few of us can argue with the idea of getting onboard a luxury ship and sailing away to see some of the most stunning and inspiring locations in the world.

What’s more, your youth is the time of life when you want to experience and embrace as much in life as you can and that’s partly why so many holidaymakers are seeking family cruise deals or affordable luxuries at sea. Of course, the reason why so many young people are choosing to cruise is far more involved than that, so if you’re still making up your mind, we’re here to let you know some of the advantages.

Cruises are just like every other holiday – different ones appeal to different demographics. Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International are more popular with the younger crowd, while the average age of the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines patron is 65. It’s simply a case of researching what you want from a cruise, and remembering that the days in port can be as action-packed as you want too!

Royal Caribbean International have some of the most exciting ships on the seas, with plenty of activities for the young, or young at heart! From rock climbing, to ice skating and bungee trampolines, even the most hyperactive adventure-seeker will find amusement on board.

Technology and connectivity

There was a time when getting onboard a cruise ship meant leaving behind your loved ones and switching off your favourite gadgets. Nowadays, not only are cruise ships helping you stay connected at sea with your go-to gizmos, but they’re also boasting plenty of tech all of their own.

More and more cruise lines are giving their guests smart wristbands or electronic keys using NFC systems, for example. Entertainment options are also getting onboard with impressive light displays in the cruise ship nightclubs and lively arcade machines, featuring the latest games.

Yet it’s WiFi access that’s perhaps seeing the biggest innovations. While getting decent connection at sea was once seldom easy, the top cruise lines are working with ingenious technology firms to ensure you’re always online at sea, with the expensive, patchy connections of yesteryear quickly being replaced by fast and reliable services.

Broadening horizons

Cruises give you the chance to see the world in ways that even the most ambitious holiday packages can’t and that’s a fact that countless young holidaygoers are recognising nowadays. While one can easily pack a backpack and trek around Thailand, it makes so much more sense to arrive in style, on a glamorous cruise ship.

They say variety is the spice of life and cruise activities for young couples offer plenty of sizzle. Whether it’s wine tasting in Italy, Christmas markets in Belgium, lazy days on Caribbean beaches or snapping nature on the Galapagos Islands, cruises offer experiences far beyond the holiday norm.

Of course, if you’re burnt out on holiday fun in the sun, you can plump for an expedition into the Arctic Circle. The good news is, cruises to Alaska and the like are accessible via the comfort and warmth of a cruise ship, meaning you’re sheltered from the elements, but still able to appreciate them.

Always so much to do

Even the most diligent of holiday plans can run the risk of that dreaded boredom factor, when youngsters are involved. That’s partly why cruises with teens in mind are a growing trend. With so many ways they can express themselves and meet others their age onboard, they won’t fall victim to disinterested boredom!

Sports and running, together with some gym activities, do wonders to burn off that seemingly eternal energy. Similarly, teens are often keen to get involved in the countless shore excursions on offer, be it wandering the winding back streets of Old World European cities or braving the Australian outback.

Cruise ships are massive too, so they’re brilliant for teenagers who are finding their independence, without breaking the family bonds. While a standard hotel might have you stuck in a room together, a cruise allows them to explore a safe yet captivating environment at their own pace before reconnecting with you at dinnertime, to share stories of their adventures. What’s more, cruises these days have activity clubs specifically designed to bring teens together and have them hanging out, creating collaboratively and making new connections, which might just evolve into lifelong friendships.

After dark activities

While relaxation and peace are a given on any cruise ship you care to mention, young travellers are attracted by the prospect of fun and games long after the sun has set on their cruise ship.

While almost every cruise ship afloat today houses a bar welcoming weary souls once the night sets in, if not beforehand, livelier cruise ships like Marella Discovery amps up the nightlife. Onboard, you can expect to find outlandishly fun evening shows at the Broadway Show Lounge, featuring music and colour, with finely honed dance routines straight out of New York’s best loved theatres. Elsewhere, casinos see roulette wheels spin and blackjack tables testing your bravery, while the Sky Bar features panoramic windows that make for sublime views over the rim of your cocktail glass. Marella Discovery is also pioneering outdoor cinema nights.

Whichever cruise ship you choose though, rest assured that nightlife by the boatload is a given. The only option you need to mull over is which of your ship’s countless bars and clubs you want to visit first.

Relaxing and rejuvenating

Big meals factoring in every flavour on Earth, sunny destinations where adventure is promised by every twist and turn and bold entertainment…it makes sense than even the most energetic of young travellers might need some respite now and then.

While relaxing by the pool onboard your cruise ship is one thing, there’s plenty more to keep you feeling rested. Young people are more conscious of their health and diet today than perhaps they’ve ever been and your chosen cruise ship’s gym facilities will most likely be fully decked out with treadmills, cycling machines and weights to keep you trim.

For even more indulgent downtime, check out the spa or the sauna, where you can expect beauty therapies and massage treatments. Of course, your voyages are going to have you laying down your towel in some of the world’s most inspiring locales and while reclining on a beach is one thing, working with your cruise line to organise some onshore activities is quite another.

It’s this versatility in cruising that makes it so appealing to every generation, including younger explorers. If you’re planning a cruise holiday, we’d love to hear why you think the time is right to make cruising the go-to holiday style for youngsters.

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