There’s no need to wait for the new calendar to roll around to start thinking of the resolutions you ought to be making. In fact, it’s far more fun to view each of life’s activities through fresh eyes from time to time, and that’s certainly true of cruise holiday bookings.

To help you set yourself some resolutions, or even just to give you a few fun ideas and all-round cruising inspiration, check out our eight cruising resolutions as your next big voyage at sea takes shape.

“I will discover somewhere I have never been before”

We understand that sometimes you fall in love with a particular location or a certain cruise ship, which can sway where you go cruise after cruise. But it can also be a exciting to break that cycle and go somewhere that you’ve never been before. Cruise itineraries are wide and varied, and there is bound to be something out there that you have never seen. Try a more glacial affair up in the northern fringes of the world via Alaska and Canada, or see why more and more cruise goers are opting for the exotic promise of the Far East.

“I will relax onboard”

Even though the purpose of going on a cruise is to unwind and relax, some people struggle to leave the stresses of their everyday lives behind. A cruise is great for your mental health, so you should try to forget about your regular worries as soon as you step onboard, which will be all the more easy given that cruise ships are designed with your pleasure in mind. While tips for making the most of your cruise are plentiful, we can’t over-emphasise the importance of a good spa day or time spent unwinding by the pool.

“I will make the most of my day in port”

If you’ve settled into your accommodation and enjoyed the onboard facilities, it could be tempting to hang around the ship even when you’re docked in port. Yet even the most downtempo of cruise will make stops at some of the world’s most desirable locales, and you’re definitely going to love seeing the sights. Be it the classical port towns of Spain, the beaches of the Caribbean or the forgotten ruins of the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs, port excursions are what make cruises so memorable and inspiring.

“I will explore every part of the ship”

Going on a cruise isn’t just about discovering new places. It’s taking part in new activities and experimenting with things that might not have occurred to you while on dry land, from onboard gyms fully outfitted with modern equipment to seminars featuring top speakers from around the globe. One cruise ship that shows off that idea brilliantly is Marella Dream. Not only does she come festooned with spas and Grand Suites sublime enough to make even the world’s most luxury resorts blush, but there’s also a portrait photography studio and the Broad Street Shops onboard. The latter houses some of the most upmarket boutiques and designer labels you’ll ever see, yet with discounts often bringing them down to 50% off at a time, you might just be able to treat yourself for less than you thought.

“I promise to treat myself to good food”

You’ve been saving up for this cruise, and you owe it to yourself to splurge as a result. While affordable luxuries are often the name of the game onboard your favourite cruise ships, there are also plenty of luxury cruise deals with opportunities to really push the boat out, no pun intended, at mealtimes. A cruise ship is the perfect place to challenge your tastebuds, with some truly excellent eateries and even some celebrity chef options. Gastropub options keep the fish and thick cut chips coming, while the humble buffet is done with panache at tables heaving with pastries, sandwiches, rice dishes and seafood. Cruise ships also incorporate global cuisine, from Thai curries to exclusive Japanese tempura, as well as favourites from closer to home like Italian pasta and pizza for the young and young at heart.

“I will learn new skills”

Cruise ships may be a wonderful retreat from the demands of the world back home, yet they’re also often surprisingly rich in knowledge. While it’s pretty apparent that your time abroad will see you soaking up the culture of many of the world’s most exotic locales, you’ve also got the opportunity to learn plenty of things onboard. While that could be as simple as perfecting your golf swing, heading to the onboard library for a spot of reading or practising the lingo of your next destination, a number of cruises host expert speakers and seminars on a range of subjects. You can keep things lighthearted on a Marella cruise with cocktail classes and dance lessons too, so don’t be shy in using your time at sea for some self-improvement.

“I will make sure not to overdo it”

Shopping, swimming, touring, tasting, exercising, musicals, dancing, cocktails, big dinners and even bigger shore excursions… what a massive amount of stuff to plan. Yet it’s a good idea to remember that you’re getting away from it all to, well, get away from it all. Even if you’re on a generous two-week cruise, keep your limitations in mind. Cram too much into each day and you’ll be flying from A to B so rapidly you’ll barely have the chance to take anything in. Select your favourite activities and pastimes carefully and you’ll have the perfect balance of work and play.

“I will enjoy my cruise responsibly”

With casinos and cocktails galore on every cruise ship you can think of, temptation is a passenger on every cruise ship afloat. Of course, indulgence is what it’s all about, as we’ve discussed, but whether it’s those massive cakes in the restaurant or the seductive sloshing of the mai tai in the cocktail shaker, we’re not keen on the idea of going overboard. In short, a cruise is to be enjoyed, savoured and reminisced over for years afterwards, so spending your days hungover or bloated from too much ice cream could put a dampener on your experience.

Ready to put your resolutions to practice? Take a look at our latest cruise deals to plan your next cruise break.

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