One of the best things about cruising is you only have to unpack once! However that being said, there’s nothing worse than unpacking your case and realising you’ve forgotten something or wish you’d thought to bring something else. – Well, we’re here to help! We recently asked some of our Facebook followers what their one must pack item is when cruising, so it would be rude of us not to bundle them all together and share them with you.

We know we don’t need to go over the essentials. The correct clothing dependent on your cruise destination, sun creams, after sun, all your toiletries, perhaps a dressier outfit for the formal night on your cruise, you’ll have that all covered – but what else should you be packing for your time on the seas?

Check out our handy packing list below and you’ll be more than good to go!


Ok, so this one isn’t really a item as such but it’s a thoughtful tip for all you cruisers! Make full use of all available baggage allowance but more than that, pack wisely. If you’re traveling with another person, a top tip we’ve came across is to pack half and half of each persons belongings in each case.

Arriving in destination and your suitcase not following suit has to be one of the worst situations, especially when cruising. If the worst did happen and one of your cases went on it’s own holiday for a couple of days, packing this way will at least provide you both with enough belongings to get by!

If you’re a solo traveler, you’re hand luggage can be your saviour here. Take full advantage of those kgs and pack a couple days of essentials. From swimwear to travel size cosmetics, a main dining room outfit and some underwear! – We’d hope you’d never have to experience the loss of luggage but we’d love you to go away as prepared as can be.

Happy couple packing clothes into suitcase

Extension Lead

Unless you’re lucky enough to be staying in a suite, most cabins on cruise ships may only have one or two power outlets. This may seem ok, until you’re trying to charge two phones, your tablet and dry your hair all at the same time. An extension lead is the perfect solution! It gives you more flexibility with lead lengths and means you only need bring one plug adapter too!

Large Pegs

It can be a little windy on pool deck and fighting with your towel all day is never fun. Large pegs are the ideal solution to keep your towels secured to your lounger all day long. Better than that, when you’re not lounging round the pool, pegs are great for hanging up your wet swimsuits to dry or even keeping crisp and sweet packets closed.

Image showing pegs keeping towel attached to sun bed

Torch/ Night lights

This is something that may be more suited for those in an inside cabin. A torch or nightlight can be super practical on an evening, especially when those middle of the night toilet trips come calling. Of course you can always leave the bathroom light on or turn on the main light, but if you like to sleep submerged in darkness, or wish not to disturb those you’re staying with by turning on the ‘big light’, a torch or night light can be perfect!

Portable charger

Many of us are now all consumed with technology, always having a phone or tablet to hand. We know many of you will now not only use these devices to keep in contact with family and friends, but as your one and only camera too. Wouldn’t you just hate to be out exploring in destination, see something you absolutely must photograph and have your battery die! – A portable charger is fast becoming a necessity.

Portable charging blocks don’t need to be chunky or heavy, many models now are sleek, light and will conveniently sit inside a small handbag or even a back pocket! For peace of mind of never being without life on your phone, be it for an emergency call or just to capture those life long memories, a portable charger is well worth having whilst you cruise.

Person carrying both phone and portable charger

Ear plugs

Ear plugs are a traveling must have for a lot of people, compromising on a good nights sleep can result in a ruined holiday for many! Avoid any snorers, noisy neighbours or any early morning cruise ship noises and bring a pack to help drone out any unexpected sounds.

Refillable water bottle

Most if not all cruise ships will have water dispensers located around the ship. Why not bring your own water bottle along, be a little greener and help yourself stay cool and hydrated during your cruise.

Lady drinking from reusable water bottle

Small magnets

Cruisers have been doing this for decades and it’s probably one of the most simple space saving, organisational tips you’ll come across. Your cabin walls are all made of metal, meaning they’re all magnetic. Very few hanging hooks will be available in your cabin as standard, so when it comes to finding homes for more than a couple of jackets, hats, scarves or whatever it may be, the end of your bed or edge of the chair can become a bit of a dumping ground.

Bring your own hanging space with a small packet of strong magnetic hooks! Simply stick them around your walls and hang anything and everything you can.

Over the door shoe organiser

Not for your shoes! Storage in cabins can be a little sparse, so the more places to put things the better. An over the door storage organiser in the bathroom is great for keeping all your toiletries away from your limited sink space. Wash cloths, deodorants, shampoo bottles, hairspray will all conveniently sit in each shoe caddy!


Believe it or not, there’s a lot to see on those sea days! You’re sitting out on top deck, watching the world go by and spot something in the horizon. No need to strain your eyes to see, just whip out those binoculars you brilliantly thought to pack and get a clear view of all the natural wildlife or upcoming land!

Tourist looking at Alaska Glacier Bay nature landscape using binoculars on cruise ship

Pens/ Sketch books/ Crochet

Another one for a sea day or perhaps just a bit of down time in the late afternoon, one of our lovely followers suggested taking sketchbooks and pens and another said they love to crochet onboard! – This one may not be for everyone but we think it’s a idyllic way to pass some time whilst sailing in-between ports.


One that can easily be forgotten. Ladies you might pack a bundle of evening bags, and you’ll all have your flight bags but have you ever forgotten to take a bag that’s perfect for your time ashore!

The joys of cruising leads you to new exciting destinations each day. As you’ll be leaving your ship behind for a few hours, you’ll likely wish to bring a few essentials with you. Some excursions that you may wish to go on, may prohibit bags bigger than A4 so you’ll need to keep this in mind, however a well sized secure backpack can make your time on land that little bit more organised and a whole lot easier!

Bottled water, sun creams, snacks from off the ship – you can fit it all in and easily carry it around with little inconvenience to yourself.

girl wearing backpack in nature during sunset

All sorted?

We hope that’s helped you think of a few extra items that may make your time onboard a little bit easier. Now that you know what extras to bring with you, let us help you secure your cruise to begin with. – For all of our latest cruise offers, click here!

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