Whether your relationship needs to be reinvigorated with a holiday, the kids are driving you around the bend or you just find yourself staring wistfully out of the window at regular points throughout the day, these could all be tell-tale signs that you need to find yourself some cruise holiday deals.

Below, we’ve got a list of the top 10 signs to look out for. If any of these apply to you, it’s time to book a cruise – and soon!

You need to kick-start your relationship

It happens to all of us from time to time – we get stuck in a routine with our loved ones and the romance wanes. If that sounds like you, and you want to put some va-va-voom back into your relationship, then consider this one of the top reasons to book a cruise.

Cruises are particularly romantic holidays. There’s plenty of ways to treat your other half, like getting dressed up and indulging in a private meal, relaxing in an adults-only spa, or cavorting off to romantic destinations in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. When you return, you’re guaranteed to have eyes only for each other.

The kids are bored

If the kids are driving you mad, you’ll be pleased to hear that family cruises are chock full of activities designed specifically for little minds. Princess Cruises offers kids’ and teens’ clubs, pools and parties, kid-friendly dining, live entertainment, mini golf courses and classes. Plus, your children will have the chance to explore a new port nearly every day. Twiddling thumbs are a thing of the past.

You can’t stand flying

The idea of a cramped plane isn’t everyone’s idea of a great way to kick off a holiday, but that’s just where cruises come in. They’re a great option simply because so many sail directly from the UK, so you won’t even have to set foot in an airport. No-fly voyages also make top cruises for first-timers, as they give you a taste of the high life without having to travel too far.

There’s no hassle with airport transfers either. When you sail into port, you don’t need to worry about checking into a hotel or unpacking your suitcase, as you’re already settled into your cabin.

Your holiday bucket list is growing

We all know the feeling. You’ve read so many articles about magical holiday destinations across the world that your bucket list is practically touching the floor. With cruise holidays, you can tick off a chunk all at once, as ships sail to a whole host of ports.

Usually cruise itineraries will group sections of the world together, like the Mediterranean, the Baltics and the Norwegian fjords, or the East Coast of the USA and Canada. If you prefer, head on an around-the-world cruise with Cunard and you might as well throw your bucket list out the window.

You have a nice new outfit in your wardrobe but nowhere to wear it

If there’s anywhere you can get away with wearing your finest, it’s on a luxury cruise ship. Cunard in particular offers some exquisite 5* ships with restaurants and bars made for a classy evening. Having said that, most cruise lines have at least one upmarket dining room, plus formal nights where tuxedos and ball gowns are the norm.

You spend ages staring out your office window, hoping the view will change

Unless your office is on a train or a ship, this probably won’t happen. The good news is, cruises allow you to admire an ever-changing landscape as the ship sails by a variety of coastlines, so your dreams aren’t that far off. We particularly love Scandinavian cruises just for this reason – the mountains and fjords of the Norwegian coast are truly break-taking and beat your average office view any day of the week.

You’ve been craving three-course meals

All the food hype you’ve heard about cruise ship dining is absolutely true. There are three-course meals for lunch and dinner every day in your ship’s swanky dining room, not to mention an endless buffet selection and speciality a la carte restaurants. That’s before you even consider the snacks in between – pizza, ice cream and coffee are only the beginning.

It’s been a long time since you were last waited on hand and foot

The maid and butler service on cruise ships is legendary, with some lines even sending their staff to special schools that prepare them to best cater to your every whim. Don’t be surprised if the staff memorise your name, or your favourite room service order – out on the high-seas, they know how to pamper their guests.

A Christmas card from your table-mates just arrived in the post

There’s no denying cruise ships are incredibly social holidays. Not only will you dine with the same group of people if you opt for sit-down multi-course meals, but if you visit the same hangouts regularly – the gym, the library, the secret deck with all the best sun loungers – you’re going to start to see familiar faces and forge friendships that somehow seem to last well beyond your cruise.

You can’t remember the last time you slept in on a weekday

The last and probably most obvious reason for booking a cruise is that they’re about as relaxing as relaxing gets. How you spend your days at sea are completely up to you, so if you want to sleep in until dinnertime, you’re free to do so – though we don’t recommend it. With dance classes, cooking classes, waterparks, spas and pool parties, there’s too much going on around your ship to miss.

You can even opt to stay onboard your ship when you dock in port. If you’ve already been to a particular destination and would rather take advantage of a discounted facial, follow your heart to relaxation city.

Do any of these signs apply to you? If so, give our experts a call and we will find the perfect cruise for you.

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