First Time Cruisers

Calling all newbie cruisers! We have a wealth of information, guides and tips just for you. Before you know it you’ll be an expert in all things cruise! Covering need-to-know topics such as what to pack for a cruise to top activities to try, we have it all here.

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Which Marella Cruise Ship Suits You? Viewed 1944 times

Not sure which member of Marella Cruises’ marvelous fleet you should be sailing on? We’ve made it easy and broke it all down. You’ll be cruising in no time!

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A guide to the UK’s cruising ports Viewed 1262 times

There’s no easier way to set sail than by hopping onboard at a convenient UK port! Read all about the top ports here – you’ll be cruising in no time!

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The ultimate cruise holiday countdown Viewed 626 times

It’s almost here! The holiday you’ve waiting for – a two-week cruise to your dream destination. The excitement has built up and now you’re only a week away from boarding that luxury liner and setting sail over the…

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Top Tips for Booking a Group Cruise Viewed 530 times

We think of cruises as solo endeavours, family voyages and ways for couples to connect, but they’re one of the most versatile ways to holiday out there. As part of that, there’s a growing trend in cruise group…

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How to Save on Cruising’s Hidden Costs Viewed 790 times

Cruising is a treat well worth saving up for, but it’s a good idea to keep something extra aside for unexpected expenses. Of course, another great idea is simply arming yourself with plenty of advanced knowledge. With that…

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9 reasons to pick a cruise to the USA over a flight Viewed 1015 times

Many people might see transatlantic travel as something they’d rather just get over with, but throw a cruise ship into the mix and we’re faced with a long haul trip that actually starts to look a little fun….

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