So you think you know Christmas? We have put together a ‘proper scientific quiz’ which will determine once and for all, how much you really love the festive period. Not really, its just a bit of fun.

Get started on our quiz below and don’t forget to check what your results say about you.

What did you get?


You know as much about Christmas as the big guy himself – for you its the most wonderful time of year. You’re the one who starts planning your Christmas schedule for the coming year, on Boxing Day. Everyone knows you as having the most grotto-like house on the street, filled with festive cheer and covered in fairy lights.

Christmas Elf

You like Christmas as much as the next person, but once a year is enough for you. When it comes to Christmas festivities you go-with-the-flow, rather than organising the whole thing yourself. You’ll be sitting back on the sofa, scoffing all the Roses come Christmas Day. Enjoying all the things that it brings, just like when you were a child.

The Grinch

Decking the halls before 1st December sends shivers down your spine. You’re quite reluctant to get into the festive spirit at first, but you come around eventually when you hear your favourite Christmas anthem on the radio.


Christmas – you don’t want to hear about it.  You’d much rather be sat a on a Caribbean beach soaking up the sun.  Roll on the spring and enough of this Santa-rubbish.

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