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Our Features section lets you dig deep into cruising, providing you with all the information you need on your favourite cruise lines, destinations and activities, plus so much more. There’ll be surprise facts, quirky quizzes and know-it-all articles in this cruise category.

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How to talk pirate Viewed 591 times

Did you know that today is international “Talk Like a Pirate” day? While it might not be common knowledge among you “landlubbers”, we must admit that this is one of our favourite days of the year. We can…

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How to Choose the Perfect Ship for Your Romantic Cruise Viewed 919 times

Cruising has always been inherently romantic, and there are several cruise ships out there that cater specifically towards the romantic clientele. Have a look through some of our best cruises for romance to gain inspiration for your next…

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A guide to cruises from New York Viewed 656 times

New York’s shining lights are a hub of fashion and celebrity, so it’s little wonder that they also draw holidaymakers from all over. There’s plenty to do and see in this metropolis, but more recently The Big Apple…

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Best Cruises for Vegetarians and Vegans Viewed 928 times

As the meat-free lifestyle gains momentum, many cruise lines now offer gourmet vegan and vegetarian cuisine onboard. The cruise industry is rife with vegetarian-friendly lines offering at least one veggie option per course without special request in the…

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Five Common Myths About Cruise Ship Dining Viewed 1616 times

When you’re enjoying a cruise, you’ll find that onboard dining is not just about delicious food, it’s about sharing company, fine conversation and tasting delicious wines from all around the world. However, with dress codes and fixed seating…

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