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Our Features section lets you dig deep into cruising, providing you with all the information you need on your favourite cruise lines, destinations and activities, plus so much more. There’ll be surprise facts, quirky quizzes and know-it-all articles in this cruise category.

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Do celebrities travel on cruise ships? Viewed 474 times

St Tropez, Los Angeles, Monaco, the Caribbean, the Swiss Alps, there are plenty of destinations that are renowned as holiday hotspots for the rich and famous. But, is it all private yachts and secluded beaches away from prying…

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So you want to work in cruise? Viewed 485 times

For passengers, cruise holidays offer beautiful scenery, comfortable living quarters and luxuries such as spas, casinos and endless entertainment. There are cruise lines designed for families seeking action-packed activities, couples on a romantic getaway and pensioners looking to…

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Record breaking cruising Viewed 455 times

This week marked the ninth annual Guiness World Records day, when hundreds of people from all over the globe came together to break some (pretty obscure!) world records. From people dressed up as ninjas, to spinning hula hoops,…

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The best cruises for chocolate lovers Viewed 512 times

Few could say no to the pleasures of a good cruise, while chocolate has also been known to hold a certain charm. While you may well imagine a cruise journey packed with top entertainment, cocktails by the pool…

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How to talk pirate Viewed 436 times

Did you know that today is international “Talk Like a Pirate” day? While it might not be common knowledge among you “landlubbers”, we must admit that this is one of our favourite days of the year. We can…

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How to Choose the Perfect Ship for Your Romantic Cruise Viewed 592 times

Cruising has always been inherently romantic, and there are several cruise ships out there that cater specifically towards the romantic clientele. Have a look through some of our best cruises for romance to gain inspiration for your next…

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