Cruising should be blissfully relaxing and our aim is to make every aspect of cruise as simple as possible! From finding you the best places to eat and drink in destination to rounding up exhilarating excursions, right down to providing a list of books for you to enjoy during any down time. We’ll happily take the stress out of your planning!

There’s nothing better than sitting out on the deck, sun shining with a good book that you just can’t put down. Sea days are the perfect opportunity to lose yourself inside a good thriller, romance novel or something more lighthearted.

So take some time back and check out our top recommended books in honour of Augusts National Book Lovers Day!

1. Contemporary Fiction

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – Gail Honeyman

Published 05/2017

Ever been an office worker? This is Eleanor Oliphants life! Winner of the British book awards book of the year 2018, this fiction debut champions the importance of friendship and courage in a world where people are becoming increasingly isolated.

When one simple act of kindness shatters all the norms and routine Eleanor has built for herself, she needs learn how to navigate around a world that everyone now seems to take for granted. Set to challenge the stigma surrounding loneliness in our contemporary world and discover how changes, no matter how small can have big impact.

Soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon, Elanor Oliphant is completely fine is an entirely uplifting story full of whit and warmth. Not your traditional heroine, Eleanor has her own quirks which make for an intriguing journey as she realises that life should be better than just fine!

2. Science Fiction

The Handmaids Tale – Margaret Atwood

Published 1985

Utterly compelling and terrifyingly real, the Handmaids tale set in a dystopian future takes on themes of feminism in a way that speaks to each new generation of readers.

The Republic of Gilead, a theocratic state has replaced the United States of America, president and government overthrown and women’s rights diminished. You’re introduced to a time of dangerously low reproduction rates and handmaids with a sole purpose of bearing children for the elite.

Dare to deviate and be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation sickness. Living in a state of repression, a bleak reality, yet we find neither of these things can obliterate desire of women.

Now a popular TV Series, the Handmaids Tail is eye opening, utterly shocking yet insanely gripping.

3. Biography & True Stories

This is going to hurt: Secret diaries of a junior doctor – Adam Kay

Published 09/2017

A fresh, raw and no-holds barred account of one junior doctor’s time working for the NHS. The fact this was written way before the government’s battle with junior doctors makes it all the more piercing.

Dive into Kays 97 hour weeks, in a world where decisions can mean life and death. Where wages most likely equate to less than what the hospital parking meter takes and where relationships with family and friends get pushed to the bottom of the ever growing pile of responsibilities.

Utterly hilarious yet heart-breaking and even harrowing at turns. Scribbled after endless days spent on the front line, Adam Kay – ex junior doctor now comedian, provides a brutally honest account of his time on the NHS frontline. With an abundance of stories involving the quirks and peculiarities of humanity, this book is easy to pick up but less so to put back down!

4. Crime, Thriller and Mystery

The missing girl – Jenny Quintana

Published 12/2017

A debut thriller for Jenny Quintana, slow burning yet entirely gripping this novel is filled with twists and turns in the desperate need to solve a decade-old mystery that’s hung around the lives of a family torn.

We meet Anna Flores who was only a child when her much adored older sister disappeared. Unable to deal with the pain left behind, Anna takes the first opportunity to disappear herself and builds a life abroad. Moving far away from the fractured family she can no longer be around.

The story then takes us 30 years on when Anna’s mum sadly passes. Needing to now finally return home, Anna finds herself not only caught up in a mist of organising belongings but in the house clearance of a weird old neighbour. Beginning to confront the gaping hole her sisters disappearance left in their lives, Anna looks back on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy and starts to question what really happened to Gabriella? Because after all not knowing is worse than the truth… right?

5. Young Adult

Eve of Man – Tom & Giovanna Fletcher 

Published 2018

If you’re after a lighthearted read, Eve of Man will have you hooked from the get go.

What if the fate of all humanity was entirely down to you? Predictions of the end of the world always came with thought of nuclear war, another plague, even a second asteroid but no one expected Mother Nature to offer it in a whisper, not a bang!

The first day it was unusual, the first week peculiar, the first year – panic was well and truly struck. For over 50 years no girls have been born, the planet only blessed with boys. The last generation of women now passed their prime, hope is dwindling. That is until Eve, a girl is born and in that moment she becomes the saviour, the most important female in history!

Whisked away to be protected until her coming of age, Eve grows up blissfully surrounded by her “mothers”. Always aware of her fate, Eve has never questioned anything. That is until she meets Bram… Do you embrace the future that has been set out for you? Or do you run from it and risk the demise of humanity as we know it?

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