World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own!

It’s a day to celebrate authors, illustrators, books and of course the ability to be able to read and lose yourself in another world.

2019 marks the 22nd year there’s been a World Book Day and it doesn’t just have to be for the kids! Use it to find your appreciation for reading again.

If you have a cruise coming up, this can provide the perfect setting to get started, one of blissful peace. There’s no day to day life distractions, no fear of being interrupted, just you, the soothing setting of the sea and a few decent books to immerse yourself in.  In-between exploring all those exciting ports of call of course.

So in honour of our love for both books and cruising, here’s our most recent recommendations for the best holiday reads!

1. Crime & Thriller

Snap, Belinda Bauer | Published May, 2018

Said to be one of the best crime novels in a very long time, Snap considers the devastating long-term impact of momentary snap judgements.

Written by Belinda Bauer, an English author awarded the CWA Gold Dagger for Crime Novel of the year, Snap makes for another cracking read. It’s pacey literature will have you hooked from the get go!

Beginning on a stiflingly hot summer’s day, eleven year old Jack and his two siblings sit in their broken down car awaiting their mothers return with help. Jack’s been left in charge, his mother wouldn’t be long, she’d said.

But she doesn’t return, she never returns and life for these children changes from that moment on.

Dad, not being able to cope, leaves Jack in charge of his sisters. Needing to ensure no one finds out he and his siblings are left alone in the house, Jack does all he can to provide whilst attempting to find out what exactly happened to his mother.

Three years on from his mother’s disappearance we also meet Catherine, a mum to be, who awakes to find a knife beside her bed with a note that reads, I could have killed you.

The truth can be a dangerous thing… but Bauer will have you itching to know more!

2. Modern & Contemporary Fiction

Still Me, Jojo Moyes | Published January 2019

If you’re a fan of Me Before You and After You, Still Me is the third instalment from Jojo Moyes following heroine Louisa Clark and her new life in New York.

Embracing her new adventure yet keen to keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam alive; who’s still back in England, Clark ends up finding herself right in the middle of the world of the super-rich.

Keen to get the most out of the experience Lou begins to mix in the New York society which is where she meets Joshua Ryan. A man with close whispers of her past.

Lou begins to find herself torn between Firth Avenue and the treasure-filled vintage clothing store where she feels more at home. This encompasses the overall feeling of the story, Lou needs to figure out once and for all who exactly she is and find the courage to follow her heart, no matter where that may lead.

Still funny, still romantic and very poignant, Still Me allows us to follow Lou whilst she discovers how to live as boldly as her clothing choices!

3. Science Fantasy Fiction

Black Leopard, Red Wolf: Dark Star Triology, Marlon James | Published February 2019

The kind of book you don’t realise you’re missing until you read it!

At the heart of this novel we find Tracker, a figure who is able to seek and find anything. Known for his skills as a hunter, he’s asked to help track down a boy who mysteriously disappeared three years earlier.

Usually one to work alone, Tracker breaks his own rules and finds himself working with a bunch of what can only be described as misfits – also full of secrets of their own!

Drawing from African history, myths and legends and author Marlon James’ own outstanding imagination, Tracker follows the boys scent from one ancient city to another. Struggling to survive whilst encountering multiple creatures intent on destroying them, Tracker begins to question who exactly is the boy they’re looking for? Why has he been missing for so long? Why are so many people against Tracker finding him? And most of all, who can Tracker trust and who is actually lying?

It’s a story full of breath-taking adventure and ambition. Full of characters that will become unforgettable, this book explores the limits of power, of ambition and the fundamentals of truth. But most of all our one desired need to fully understand them all.

4. Crime, Thriller & Mystery

You, Caroline Kepnes | published September 2014

You may now know this “Thriller of the year” from is well adapted Netflix TV Series! Described as “Hypnotic and scary” by the one and only Stephen King, You examines the fine line between being stalked and being seduced.

This brilliant yet terrifyingly apt novel for the social media age introduces us to Joe Goldberg, a book keeper and man who’s instantly captivated by the beautiful, aspiring writer who finds herself inside his store.

Doing what any sane person does, Joe googles the name on her credit card… There’s only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. Her Facebook account is public, she Tweets her daily dwellings and pretty much tells Joe everything he needs to know for him to plan those “chance meetings”.

As Joe becomes someone we should be wary of but instead we find ourselves become strangely fond of, he invisibly yet obsessively takes control of Beck’s life. Orchestrating events that find Beck beckoning into Joe’s open arms, Joe moves from loveable stalker to perfect boyfriend.

Set out to remove any obstacle that can potentially get in the way of him and Becks happily ever after, Joe is the king of manipulation – can he really excuse murder and will his secretive past finally catch up with him?

5. For adult and child

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling | Published June 1997

We thought we’d include this golden oldie as a way to get both child and adult reading together. – This is in honour of World Book Day after all!

 It’s a story that’s always certain to be a favourite among many, thanks to its multigenerational appeal. What better way to get children excited about reading, than with a book or series you can most likely still remember reading for the very first time yourself.

Be with your young when they discover the Wizarding World and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – straight from its original pages!

Have them read all about Harry Potter, an ordinary boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs, who’s had certain unexplained things happen to him, who’s for some reason hated by his aunt and uncle who he’s unfortunately been left to live with after the passing of his parents.

Be involved with their amazement as Harry is invited into this magical world and begins to discover there’s more to his parent’s death than he was ever aware. Let them be captivated just as you may of been, with this first instalment of Harry’s story that has him instantly immersed in all things deference against the dark arts.

It’s a story of hope, of magic and of exquisite imagination. – If there’s one book you can give to a child this World Book Day, we think the Harry Potter series could be a great place to start!

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