Whether you’ve waited for months for your cruise or it’s a last-minute getaway, there should be no need to worry about a thing – it’s your time to relax! Here’s eight things that especially shouldn’t be on your mind when you’re ready to set sail…

1. What you eat

Rule number one – you’re on holiday! So don’t be obsessed about what you eat, even if you are indulging more than you would at home. That’s what a cruise is for! Make the most of it – put the salad down and choose whatever takes your fancy. You can burn it off when you’re home – but for the time being, go get another plate and eat yourself into a coma! Let’s be honest, the food is that good on these ships that it’s usually far too hard too resist – who can blame us?!

2. How you look

Forget about the perfect ‘beach body’ – there’s no such thing! Stick your swimsuit on, top up your tan and you’ll feel like a golden god/goddess in no time!

3. Work

Yeah it can be tempting to check the odd e-mail, maybe even send a reply or two – but do you really want to think about the mundanity of everyday life? You cruise is the perfect chance to turn off from the world – life’s too short to concentrate on work 24/7! Make sure your out-of-office is in place before you set sail, and simply enjoy the break away from it all.

4. Money

Whether you’ve grabbed a bargain getaway or you’ve splashed the cash on a luxury sailing, there’s no need to keep that purse of yours pad-locked once you’re actually cruising. Of course you can set a budget or have in mind roughly how much you think you’ll spend – but after that, just enjoy the experience. There’s no point turning down a meal in the speciality restaurant just to save a few pennies. Do whichever shore excursions you fancy, and enjoy exploring your destinations. You’re only there once!

5. Exercise

We all know it’s important to exercise regularly – but don’t stress about it while you’re away! If you’re a regular gym go-er it can be difficult to keep up with your usual routine – there’s so many other things you can be doing – but there are always amazing gym facilities available if you do want to squeeze the odd workout in. Chances are, you’ll be doing so much exploring around your ports of call that you’ll be surprised how many steps or burnt calories you manage to rack up anyway – without even realising!

6. Gifts

Sometimes we’re so adamant about bringing back a souvenir back for family and friends that often, we can’t find what we’re looking for and end up buying total tat! Instead of heading out to port with purchasing gifts in mind, simply browse at leisure – and if anything catches your eye go and get it! You’ll usually find the best gifts when you’re not actually looking.

7. Social Media

It can be tempting to have a scroll of your newsfeed to find out all the latest gossip back home, but it can also be really rewarding to have a proper break from all the updates, the memes and the videos. Facebook and Instagram will still be there when you get home – you’ve paid to sail away, not look at a screen all the time!

8. Time

Of course, you could look at your itinerary and plan out minute-by-minute the activities you intend to do. But sometimes it’s actually best to go with the flow and do things as you please at the time – be flexible! Some nights you might be feeling spontaneous and fancy a spin at the casino, some mornings you might want to get breakfast in port and some afternoons you might be that tired you need a power nap before dinner! Don’t worry about sticking to a strict schedule – just enjoy every minute!

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