Dreading starting that new year’s detox or getting going on that 2018 fitness regime? Well don’t fret – because the good news is that you don’t need an expensive monthly gym membership or a basket full of healthy greens to kick start your new year’s resolutions! Simply book yourself on a cruise – we’ll show you why they’re just the beautiful boost you need!

1. A dose of Vitamin D

It’s a well-known fact that Brits are lacking in opportunities to soak up any vitamin D – especially when the cold, dark winter weather kicks in. Luckily, you don’t need to go far to get your sunshine fix. Sail south out of Southampton and you can be in the canaries in just two days! Or hop on a plane and fly out to your ship in beautiful Barbados.

There’s plenty of sunshine in the Caribbean! You’ll be feeling tip top in no time – vitamin D lowers blood pressure, is essential for absorbing calcium, keeping our bones healthy, and for protecting against serious chronic diseases later in life such as osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many common cancers. And of course, it boosts levels of serotonin – the body’s natural happy hormone. No wonder sunglasses and smiles go so well together!

2. Rejuvenating spa days

Cruises have a way of refreshing the mind, body, and spirit. Pamper yourself with luxury spa treatments such as massages, body wraps, scrubs, acupuncture treatments, and a variety of soothing facials. When you step onboard a luxury cruise to the Caribbean, you’ll want to look your best. So head into the salon and get a manicure, pedicure and new hairstyle, or stay active and energised with onboard workouts. By the time you arrive in port you’ll be refreshed and ready for fun in the sun!

3. Time to re-charge

Most of us have some sense of routine and mundanity in our daily lives – we often find ourselves on repeat, doing the same thing over and over. That doesn’t allow us much mental flexibility – we’re less likely to be spontaneous or creative, especially in heavily routinised jobs. A getaway helps give our bodies a break, as well as give our minds a chance to recharge.

4. A new sense of perspective

Exploring and travelling can often make you realise what’s important in life. These new perspectives can be beneficial in many ways – they can be earth-shattering enough for us to decide to start a movement or to change our habits, or they can subtly shift our mindsets to view problems in new ways—and maybe see solutions we didn’t see before. A healthy mind-set to come home with is just what the doctor ordered!

5. The power of the pool

Unless you have a pool in the house or have time to treck to the swimming baths, holidays are usually one of the times of year where you can enjoy a good swim! A morning swim is not only good exercise, but it relaxes you for the day ahead, too. If you’re really wanting to work up an appetite, some cruise lines even have swimming pools just for passengers who want to do a few lengths. Swimming is a great all-round activity – it uses all the muscles in your body and keeps your heart rate up, but takes a lot of the impact off your body. It’s a great workout with less effort! It’s also an effective way to de-stress – you’ll

6. Making memories and having fun!

There’s a reason they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ – and that’s because when you’re happy, you often feel better physically! It’s smiles all around on a cruise – the only time you’re unhappy is usually when it comes to an end!

Time to set sail?

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