How many cruise holidays have you had the pleasure of going on? If you’re a seasoned cruiser and been on more voyages than Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ll definitely understand some of these common thoughts when sailing the high seas!

1. You want to get Alaska, Hawaii and the Med into a two-week itinerary

Finding the perfect itinerary is seriously difficult – there’s just so much you want to see! With every destination on your bucket list, squeezing as much as you can into your cruise is a serious task.

2. The pain of having to leave your new ‘favourite’ place

One of the best things about cruising is that you can wake up to a new destination each day. The only problem arises when you fall in love (yet again) with another stunning destination – your cruise buddy might just have to drag you back onboard!

3. You only have two hands to carry food at the buffet

When the food’s this good, wouldn’t it be nice to have three hands?

4. The decision over which entree to get is just too much!

You cant decide between the sea food pasta or that slow braised lamb shank, so you just order both! Both is always best!

5. Two plugs, twenty devices

Wanting to charge your phone, camera, tablet and use your hairdryer at the same time? Technology these days is becoming a bit of a hindrance!

6. You have more flyers than a hotel reception

We can all be too nice for our own good sometimes, taking flyers off the locals politely with no intentions of ever looking twice at it.

7. The race to get the best seats

Making a conscious effort to have dinner early and get into the theatre first to get the best seats for the show – that’s dedication!

8. When you enter the lift and all the buttons between deck 3 and 13 have been pushed


9. Becoming best friends with the barman

He knows your name, favourite drink and serves it just how you like it – this guy is your most treasured staff member! Which leads on nicely to…

10. When you don’t know if you’re just drunk or if its the ship rocking!

We’ve all been there…. lets not try deny it!

11. Getting jealous over crew merchandise

We’ve all been onboard and noticed a crew member sporting something new with the ships logo on and of course being the seasoned cruiser that you are, YOU MUST HAVE IT!

12. You must take photos – of everything

The sights, your lunch, cocktails even your ice-cream and not forgetting that beach selfie! Your Instagram game is strong, and you live for those #throwbackthursdays

13. Feeling like Christopher Columbus when you finally nail the ship’s layout

You managed to navigate your way to the casino without a single wrong turn – success!

14. Trying to squash as many souvenirs in your suitcase as humanly possible

Whether it be that Eiffel Tower Canvas that’ll go just perfect in your living room or sombrero’s for all the grandkids, you make bringing gifts back an art form.

15. Experiencing social media withdrawal

You said to yourself you would lay off Facebook whilst away…but John’s sister’s best friend just got married, and you can’t help sneaking a look at the pics! Plus…everyone needs to see updates of how fabulous your cruise is!

16. Raging at flight baggage allowance on a fly/cruise

How am I meant to fit 42 different outfits into a 20kg suitcase?! It’s a cruise from the UK with no weight restrictions next year…

17. The mad rush back to the ship

We’ve all done it before – time just slips away from you when you’re sipping a Margarita in the sun! Anyway, at least you’ll burn a few calories off running back to make sure the ship doesn’t leave you behind!

18. Becoming a Pro Cruise Planner from the moment it’s booked

You know exactly where you want to go, the attractions you want to visit and the best route to get there. Fingers crossed it actually pans out that way on the day…

19. Wanting to run off on a world voyage ASAP

Being constantly on the verge of quitting your job, all commitments, and saying bon voyage to to head off on the journey of a lifetime. The temptation is real!

20. The song that haunts your holiday

Whether it be the latest chart hit that you find playing in Every. Single. Bar. or a cheesy song played around the pool area – there’s always that one tune that follows you wherever you go, and is then of course stuck in your head!

21. Knowing the muster drill like the back of your hand

Safety first and all that – but you’ve done this 14373678 million times!

22. Returning home with PCD

Post Cruise Depression is a real thing, no matter what anyone says.

23. It’s the only way to see the world!

Surely we can all agree on this one – cruising is truly the best way to see all your favourite destinations, in style!

Time to set sail?

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