Cruising should be easy, peaceful, and, most of all, completely relaxing. We don’t want you to stress over which cruise line you should be cruising with or what you should be packing for your trip to the Caribbean, and we certainly don’t want you to lose sleep over which book you should be curling up with next to the pool, beach, or sea!

So sit back and check out the titles you won’t want to miss this summer…

1. City of Friends – Joanna Trollope

Say goodbye to the stress of work and leave your social life behind you as plunge into the hectic and emotional ongoings of Beth, Melissa, Gaby and Stacey – four strong willed friends dealing with everything life seems to throw at them in London. Dealing with issues such as breakups, dementia, unemployment and dramatic teens, this book effortless maneuvers between friends in quick amusing chapters – so don’t blame us if you finish this novel before even leaving port!

2. Call Me By Your Name – Andre Aciman

On the Italian Riviera, a maturing teenager discovers lust, love, and the aches of the heart when his family hosts a 24-year-old American scholar at their villa. With its descriptions of long Mediterranean days and even longer nights, Call Me By Your Name epitomises summer.

The gorgeous film adaptation, starring Armie Hammer, got rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s set to hit cinemas on November 24, 2017 – so be sure to read the book by then!

3. The Curious Charms of Athur Pepper – Phaedra Patrick

A year after his wife Miriam’s death, quiet and reserved 69-year old Athur Pepper always sticks to his daily routine, until he finds an unfamiliar bracelet belonging to his late soulmate. He embarks on a multi-country journey to uncover Miriam’s secret past, learning along the way how to heal from loss and embrace life’s unpredictability. It’s a truly remarkable story.

4. Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

Fan of the film Jaws? Well when a small plane leaving Martha’s Vineyard crashes, a harrowing story is about to unfold. There are only two survivors – a young boy, and the painter who miraculously swims amidst the shark-infested Atlantic water and carries them both to safety. The story delves into the lives of each passenger aboard the plane – before and after the fall. It’s a story of grief, suspense and bravery – and it’s sure to have you hooked.

5. The Destroyers – Christopher Bollen

After his father disowns him, Ian Bledsoe’s only hope is to visit his wealthy childhood friend, Charlie, and ask for help. After Ian arrives to Charlie’s island paradise in Patmos, Greece, Charlie’s all too eager to lend a hand. But while money can buy luxury, Ian soon finds that Charlie’s wealth comes with a few (dangerous) strings attached. Here’s the perfect literary thriller, all set under the Grecian sun.

6. All Stories are Love Stories – Elizabeth Percer

Are you ready for a romantic thriller? When two major earthquakes hit California within an hour of each other, destroying San Francisco, three characters lives are changed forever. This captivating and heart-rending novel demonstrates the powerful forces of both nature and love whilst telling a magnificent story of people caught up in the middle both supremacies.

7. Relativity – Antonia Hayes

Super mind Ethan is a 12 year old with a brilliant mind for physics. Raised by his single mother, he begins to wonder about his dad’s unknown identity when he’s suddenly hospitalised – the reason possibly linked to a tragic incident from his early childhood. Ethan and his parents are suddenly forced to reignite their family bond and must confront the regrettable events that once tore them apart.

8. Once and for All – Sarah Dessen

‘Once and for All’ will meet every hope and dream for fans of the brilliant author, Sarah Dessen. Meet expert wedding planner Louna, who has seen it all when it comes to matrimony. Then say hello to Ambrose, the serial dater who gets what he wants when it comes to women – he knows Louna is the one for him, but will he be able to get through her cynical heart? Guess you’ll have to read to find out…

9. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

Rachel takes the same train into London every day, day-dreaming about the lives of the occupants of the homes she passes. But when she she sees something unsettling from the window one morning, it sets in motion a chilling series of events that make her question who she can really trust. This book was recently made into a feature-length film – but whether you’ve seen the movie or not, it’s still a must-read!

10. Irresistible – Adam Alter

New York University professor Adam Alter investigates our slavish devotion to social media, Netflix, Fitbit and even email – and why we are drawn to technology that promises to make our lives faster and easier, while often ignoring the possible side-effects. This is a read that will definitely make you think twice about constantly scrolling down your Facebook feed all afternoon on your sun lounger…

Ready for your next book(ing)?

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