When you’re in a new port every day, things can get quite expensive! Whether your drinking coffee, grabbing lunch, shopping or doing a local shore excursion – it all adds up! So we’ve decided to compile a list of things you can do that won’t leave a dent in your bank balance – while still getting a full experience of the destination!

  1. Hit the beach

As all ports are obviously by the sea, there aren’t many without a beach to sit, lay or play on! It would take a pretty cruel soul to charge you to go to beach, making it the perfect costless activity to keep yourself occupied in port. So top up that tan, read a book or make a splash in the sea – all in the knowledge you aren’t spending a penny!

  1. Explore nearby national parks

National parks are the perfect way to explore your destination in all their glory – get ready for serene scenes of natural formations, from lush landscapes with towering trees to winding rivers and waterfalls. Unless you’re walking round the running track on your ship everyday, there’s a chance you haven’t had the chance to really stretch them legs, so what better way to do so than to explore your destination’s great outdoors! Many national parks are free – so make sure to do a bit of research beforehand and get ready for a wonderful walk in the wilderness!

  1. See the city – view all the landmarks

Every location you visit will have its famous landmarks – and it doesn’t cost a penny to go see them from the outside! So if you’re in Rome, get right up to the Coliseum, take a snap in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower and if you find yourself in Sydney, there’s no charge for selfies beside the Opera House! Tick these iconic sights off your bucket-list – all for free.

  1. Browse markets

You may need some self-discipline for this costless exercise, as the sweet smells of food stalls can often be tempting! Head to the local markets to get a feel for local crafts, culture and cuisine. If you don’t mind parting with a few pounds, you could always justify a souvineer or a few samples of the fresh treats on display – and if you’re brave enough, you can always haggle for a bargain!

  1. Listen to live music

Your new destinations aren’t just full of amazing new sights – they have promising sounds on offer, too. It’s not difficult to find musicians playing in the streets, or even entire bands! You might even spot some street performers putting on a show – whether it’s a guy with a saxophone or magician surprising bystanders, with the sun on your back and sweet sounds in your ears, it’s always a relaxing way to chill out!

  1. People watch

Don’t try and deny it, everyone knows there’s nothing like a good bit of people-watching! Watching the locals at work is often a great insight into the different way of life in your chosen location. Plus, sometimes just sitting back and watching the world go by is just what you need to feel like you’re truly away from it all!

  1. Hit a local festival/celebration

If you’re lucky (or have fantastic organisation skills!) you might even get to witness a unique celebration or event. Whether it be in Nice for Bastille Day, New Orleans for Mardi Gras or Rio for a mesmerising carnival, the spectacular atmosphere of a national holiday or annual celebration is definitely something you should experience at least once – it costs nothing to wear a smile!

  1. Head to a museum

Many national museums are free, giving you a great reason to discover more about your destinations history, art, and culture. With most cruise ports being tourist destinations, there are often plenty of interesting galleries and museums to visit! These history keepers are definitely are great place to spend time in – you’ll come away have learned so much, and all at a cost of zero!

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