Cruising is probably the most stylish and indulgent way to see the world. Stepping onboard your majestic city at sea, you’ve got the chance to enjoy the world’s sunniest cities, most sumptuous shores and well-hidden hotspots.

Yet your time onboard your cruise ship is just as vital to enjoying your voyage, as those sought-after port days. As much as it’s about good food, cocktails and spa or pool days, it’s also about the accommodation you choose. While even the most affordable of cruise ship cabins or suites features more creature comforts than you can imagine, upgrading to a luxury cabin lets you splash out in exchange for some truly once-in-a-lifetime perks. Here are five reasons why luxury cruise holidays start and end with an upgrade like this.

Savour the space

While it might seem obvious, it bears repeating and emphasising. The best luxury cruises in the best cabins and suites offer you a much bigger slice of the ship to call your own.

While all cabins on modern cruise ships make the most of their space, the best luxury cabins look like hotel suites in the Ritz. You’re likely to have a wide, open lounge to pace around in your dressing gown each morning and a balcony or panoramic view to take in over coffee – either from the machine in your room or brought to you by your personal assistant. Your bed will be huge and comfortable and your TV will be massive.

Freebies aplenty

Cruise lines recognise that you’re splashing out for a reason. When researching how to get cruise upgrades, you’ll often find that your line will be pretty happy to help in making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Being a resident of a luxury cabin means your cruise line is likely to offer lots of freebies onboard. These can be as simple as complementary dining in otherwise premium restaurants, or access to gym equipment you’d otherwise pay a fee to access. There may also be quality of life improvements, such as free internet access and a wider range of TV channels in your room.

Access all areas

Your cruise ship is huge and full of things to see and do, but as a guest in a luxury suite or cabin, you’re likely to have full sway over the entire place for the duration of your voyage. You’ll find that your VIP status affords you entry to exclusive lounges and other high-end areas of the cruise ship where personal service, sophisticated company and some of the best views and aesthetics onboard are yours to savour. You’ve worked hard to take this cruise, so you definitely deserve to enjoy it at its fullest.

Be a priority onboard

As a luxury suite guest, cruise lines will put you first when it comes to prioritising your check-in, as well as giving you first pick of onboard and onshore activities. You’ll find that you tend to get access to the most personal service, with staff making every effort to ensure that you have the priority pick of shore excursions and spa packages, as well as hassle-free embarking and disembarking.

The butler did it (so you didn’t have to)

A growing number of the world’s most premium cruise lines offer butler and concierge services. These distinguished individuals are trained at etiquette academies worldwide, the likes of which often produce butlers to royal houses across the globe. As such, you can imagine how far your butler or concierge will go to ensure your time at sea is unforgettable.

From handling your luggage to making dinner reservations and ensuring your suite is spick and span, your butler or concierge will handle all the minutiae of your time at sea, so you don’t have to. This is really fine living at its very best and one of the biggest reasons why so many people love to upgrade their cruise packages.

There are many more reasons why it’s a smart idea to splurge a little more and upgrade your cruise cabin. Don’t be shy in asking the experts for more advice, to ensure your voyage is the best it can be.

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