Why choose a cruise to Vigo?

Vigo is the perfect place to get lost in. A walk down winding streets reveals everything from traditional oyster bars to hip new microbreweries, from bustling shopping parades to local markets. There are plenty of interesting neighbourhoods to explore, each with their own unique attractions.

A Vigo cruise is a great option for someone interested in combining a city and a beach break. There are 45 beaches in the Vigo area. The best are located on the pristine Cíes islands, a short ferry journey from Vigo.

A guide to Vigo’s hotspots

Vigo Fishing Boats

In Casco Vello, Vigo’s historic quarter, traditional fishermen’s cottages sit alongside spacious mansions. Located on a hill near the old port, this area is still a working neighbourhood, with traditional restaurants and local artisans displaying their wares. One of the best foodie spots in the district is Calle de Las Ostras, where you can enjoy oysters or a fish platter – the seafood in Vigo is regarded as the best in Spain.

For the finest view in town, visit Castro Fortress, a 17th-century castle with thick granite walls. From the battlements you can see the old town and the beautiful Cíes archipelago. On the hill surrounding the fortress is a large park, where you’ll find fountains, lawns, and even an ancient Iberian settlement.

In the late 1990s, the ‘Open Vigo to the Sea’ project led to a complete regeneration of the waterfront area, creating new parks and promenades. One notable attraction is the new Museo de Mar, located in a restored cannery.

You can’t visit Vigo without a trip to the uninhabited Cíes islands. The soft white sands and clear waters of these beaches rival those of the Caribbean, but they see far less tourist traffic. Rodas Beach has been voted the best in the world by The Guardian.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Vigo

The best time to visit Vigo

Vigo is slightly cooler than Barcelona and Malaga, where the heat can become oppressive. In July and August, the temperature in Vigo averages 20°C, often rising into the mid-20s, making it a fabulous destination to enjoy the summer sun.

But if you visit Vigo in the off-season – during the months of May, September or October – the beaches of the Cíes islands will be empty, allowing you to live out your desert-island fantasy. During this time, the temperature averages between 14-19°C, perfect weather for hiking one of the many trails that run through these islands.

Did you know?

· The Cíes islands were inhabited by monks, until they were ejected by pirates

· Part of Jules Verne’s adventure novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, was inspired by a battle in Vigo Bay

· Vigo has the most clear days in Spain

· Vigo is one of the largest exporters of seafood in the world.