Why choose a cruise to Gijon?

The delightful coastal city of Gijon has a host of cultural and natural treasures, and the Bay of Gijon is where you’ll find San Lorenzo beach. This long stretch of sand has a wide promenade lined with shops, bars and restaurants. It’s a good place to try your hand at surfing, windsurfing or kayaking.

Away from the beaches, there’s plenty to keep you busy, during your Gijon cruise stop-off, from intriguing historic sites to galleries and museums, so come rain or shine, there’s a treasure trove of things to see and do.

This cosmopolitan city is full of charm, culture and gastronomic delights, so you’ll find everything from authentic eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants.

University Gijon

A guide to Gijon’s hotspots

Plaza de Jovellanos is a good place to get your bearings. Explore at your leisure to discover charming lanes, small squares and tiny tapas bars. There is also a selection of museums to explore, including the Museo Barjola, which showcases a permanent display of works by local artist Juan Barjola who died in 2004. There are also two fine-art museums, Museo Nicanor Pinole and the Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos, which house an eclectic collection of painting, sculptures and sketches, well worth seeing.

The Campa de Torres Archaeological Site is a top attraction. These impressive remans of a fortified settlement date to before 490BC. The railway museum, Museo del Ferrocarrils de Asturias, is another important attraction and has a collection of 50 locomotives and carriages as well as informative displays and exhibits. A must for families and train enthusiasts.

Or for natural beauty, Gijon’s Atlantic Botanic Gardens, which was inaugurated in 2003, is hard to beat. It features a lagoon, two ponds and a wealth of flora and vegetation. Covering nearly 16 hectares, it takes visitors on a historic and biological journey that is both fascinating and fun.

Botanical Gardens Gijon

Foodwise, Gijon offers a selection of traditional Asturian favourites with a contemporary twist. Fresh fish, seafood soups and lobster with rice are all delicious dishes. Tortos (fried cornbread) served with chorizo eggs and black pudding is another local speciality, not to be missed. Round off your meal w

ith a sumptuous mango panacotta. If you want to try the local tipple, Asturian cider is a favourite.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Gijon

The best time to visit Gijon

Gijon is a fascinating city, whatever the weather, with July being the hottest month, offering average temperatures of between 18°C and 22°C, perfect beach weather. Spring is a good time to enjoy sightseeing, with mild temperatures of around 16°C. You’ll find the winter months pleasant, too, with January the coldest at around 9°C.

Did you know?

· The Asturias region produces around 250 varieties of apple

· Gijon is the second city in the world to have been awarded the Biosphere World Urban Destination

· Gijon hosts an International Film Festival every November

· El Molinon, in Gijon, is Spain’s oldest football stadium

· Gijon has a living oak wood, the Tragamon Oak Grove, within its city limits

· La Laboral Church in Gijon is one of the biggest elliptical churches in the world.