Why choose a cruise to Ceuta?

A melting pot of culture, Ceuta is a jewel on Morocco’s coastline, however it’s owned by Spain, resulting in an eclectic mix of museums, cuisine and natural beauty. Ceuta is distinctly Spanish with a dash of North African spice and you’ll find mosques and traditional Moroccan architecture to the west.

Take a tour of Ceuta’s old city walls and get a taste of its historic and colourful past. Faithfully restored to their 16th-century glory, they incorporate information boards to you can learn about the city’s roots.

This Spanish enclave offers up a host of delights including a pristine seafront promenade offering views of the Strait of Gibraltar.


A guide to Ceuta’s hotspots

Ceuta’s attractions are varied. It boasts a dazzling 12-mile coastline with a varied array of beaches providing venues to sunbathe, relax and indulge in a spot of scuba or snorkelling. Many are situated right in the city centre and there’s one just steps away from Plaza de Africa which has Blue Flag status.

The Mediterranean Maritime Park is a top attraction. This sleek swimming-pool complex is a relatively new highlight and boasts a large saltwater pool, selection of tapas bars and numerous recreation areas.

The Moroccan part of the city is worthy of exploration and you’ll find stalls and small shops, ideal for souvenir shopping, alongside intimate coffee shops. The Plaza de Africa, where the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Africa proudly stands, is a visitor must-see.

For great views, a trip to Monte Hacho is highly recommended. Once you reach the summit you’ll be rewarded with outstanding views of the Strait of Gibraltar and beyond.

There are plenty of day-trip options for Ceuta, too, so consider visiting the whitewashed town of Tetouan with its charming squares and UNESCO-protected medina. Sixty miles south of Ceuta is The Holy City of Chaouen. With its 20 mosques, dramatic squares and the Kasbah museum, it’s another exciting option that will give you a true taste of Morocco.

Tetouan Morocco

Cruise lines that sail to Ceuta

The best time to visit Ceuta

Those looking for a tan may wish to visit Ceuta in August when the average temperature is around 21°C. However, July boasts the most days of sunshine, so this month is also a good option.

For those wanting to make optimal use of Ceuta’s fabulous beaches, August provides sea temperatures of a delightful 23°C.

With sightseeing firmly on the agenda with any Ceuta cruise, the winter months offer weather ideal for exploration. January is the coolest month at 13°C, with December the rainiest.

Family on Beach

Did you know?

· The local currency in Ceuta is Euros and it’s in the Central European time zone

· Ceuta is relatively small – a bike tour is a popular way to see the sights

· Fresh fish is the food to try in Ceuta with swordfish, sole and John Dory in abundance

· The Jebel Musa mountain is famous because it’s said to look like a woman’s face. It’s also referred to as The Dead Woman or Sleeping Woman

· Trenza de Agustina is a Moroccan dessert popular in Ceuta – it’s made with fried pastry, citrus peel and aniseed liqueur