Why choose a cruise to Barcelona, Spain?

Few European cities can offer you the wide diversity of cultural experience that you’ll find in Barcelona. Couple that with the luxury of four kilometres of beach and warm sunshine for most of the year, and you have all the makings of an amazing adventure in Spain.

Barcelona is a city of modern art – many world famous painters and artists have worked here at some point in time, and their influence runs throughout the city. From Picasso to Miro, works of incredible artists are dotted around many of the galleries throughout the city.

View of Barcelona from Park Guell

A guide to Barcelona’s hotspots

If you know anything about sport, you’ll know that Barcelona is home to one of the greatest football clubs in the world – FC Barcelona. The 100,000 capacity Nou Camp is the largest sports arena in Europe, and sits in the heart of the city. You’ll likely spot the famous blue and burgundy colours on the shirts of proud supporters.

Along with the football club, Barcelona is home to the masterpieces of many great architects – the most famous being Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí’s work is admired by architects around the world as being one of the most unique and distinctive styles in modern architecture. One of his most well-known works, La Sagrada Familia, is a giant basilica which sits in the very heart of the city – this extremely recognisable building is probably on the front of that travel guide in your pocket.

You’ll also find more examples of his work with the likes of Park Guell and Casa Batlló at your fingertips. And of course, a stroll down the famous boulevard La Rambla can’t go amiss!

Should you ever find yourself suffering from art and culture overload, then you can spend the day recovering on one of Barcelona’s sandy beaches, only a short stroll from the city centre. Order a Sangria at one of the bars and kick off your shoes, sit back and soak up the sun.

The Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Barcelona

The best time to visit Barcelona

Nestled up in the northern Spain region of Catalonia, Barcelona has a warm climate, but one that’s slightly cooler than central and southern Spain. If it’s sun you’re after, then you’ll be happy to know Barcelona provides hot summers, especially in July and August, so you can lounge on the beach with an average of 24⁰C, often reaching up to the late 20s.

However, if you plan on doing lots of Barcelona sightseeing, you might like to visit in June or September for temperatures around 21⁰C, or May and October average 17⁰C. You might get a few more showers when visiting in September and October, but Barcelona has fewer rainy days than back home at this time of year.

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Did you know?

  • Barcelona’s beaches are man-made.
  • La Sagrada Familia has taken longer to build than the Great Pyramids.
  • Barcelona has 12 abandoned metro stations – and some say they’re haunted!
  • Barcelona is the first and only city that received a Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1999.
  • Flamenco is not well known in Barcelona – Catalans prefer the more contemporary rock n’ roll scene.