Why choose a cruise to Gibraltar?

Rock of Gibraltar

Mediterranean cruises are best known for their stops in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, yet the famous Rock of Gibraltar is a destination well worth including on your itinerary.

With the sea in view from almost every angle, and the rocky landscape peeling up to the sky in the other direction, Gibraltar is an intoxicating stopover. Affectionately dubbed ‘Gib’ by the locals, it shares a history with Great Britain and its maritime culture, but also has a distinctly Mediterranean feel to its food, culture and architecture.

A guide to Gibraltar’s hotspots

Don’t be fooled by the size of the Rock, because this little country has a big soul to share with you. For a glimpse into the past, check out the Gibraltar Museum, which has artefacts and exhibits that go all the way back into the Rock’s prehistoric era. More notably, it also features plenty of information on the role played by Gibraltar in the World Wars, as well as its contributions to Britannia ruling the waves in The Age of Sail and Napoleonic era.

For a more direct view on Gibraltar’s history, the Moorish Castle is a gorgeous example of architecture and strength. It’s styled in the typical Moorish way, lending an exotic appeal to the place, yet there’s also a timelessness to its towers and battlements that makes it as much a part of Gib life as the Rock itself.

Talking of which, the likes of St Michael’s Cave and Great Siege Tunnels prove that the interior of Gibraltar’s famous Rock is just as compelling as its sun-kissed exterior. And for wildlife lovers, monkeys, whales, dolphins and birds of all kinds can be  found.

Gibraltar Red Phone Box

Cruise lines that sail to Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar doesn’t always appear on itineraries into the Mediterranean, but when it does, you can be assured that your favourite cruise lines are there to take you in style. Those include:

– Marella Cruises

– Royal Caribbean

– Celebrity Cruises

– P&O Cruises

The best time to visit Gibraltar

monkey gibraltar

Thanks to it being slap in the middle of the waterway leading into the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar enjoys sumptuous sun all year round. In fact, because it’s south of Spain and the like, it enjoys even hotter days throughout the year.

While that makes for mild winter cruises that far surpass the dreary days you’ll see back home, summertime is when things really shine. Temperatures will start passing the 20s come May, staying there well into the tail end of September. And of course, come July or August you’re likely to see the 30s make their appearance, so sun cream is obligatory – don’t expect clouds to cover you here!

Many cruisers also opt for autumn cruises that let them explore Gibraltar without worrying about the heat and keeping hydrated. It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your Gibraltar cruise.

This is a destination not be missed when looking at the more well-known cruising destinations of the Mediterranean. Good food and fine wine are just as easily had here as anywhere else in the region, but it’s the history and unique British touches in Gibraltar that make it feel like such a sunny home from home.