Why choose a Transatlantic Cruise?

Relive the golden age of cruising on a transatlantic cruise. Cross the pond in style and spend your days relaxing, take in the scenery, and stopping off at ports you’ve only dreamed of visiting before.

If you plan to fly to New York then why not pick an Eastbound Transatlantic cruise to come back to the UK – after all that shopping, you won’t have to worry about a weight limit! You can even take advantage of a Cruise & Stay and spend a few nights soaking up the never-ending possibilities of Manhattan.

We’re talking about ice skating in Central Park, climbing to the top of the Empire State Building, taking pictures in Times Square and shopping in Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Island hop your favourite Caribbean islands or bask in the sunshine by the onboard pool. Spend a week or two indulging in cocktails out of coconuts, swinging from hammocks that hang from towering palm trees and sailing the azure Caribbean waters.

Your days at sea will be full of surprises, with themed sailings, fashion events and guest speakers – there’s never a dull moment onboard. Take full advantage of the wonderful facilities on offer! After all, cruising is known for its taste bud tantalising dishes, world-famous entertainment and glamorous evenings.

The best time for a Transatlantic Cruise

It’s important to avoid hurricane seasons for a transatlantic cruise if you want to make the most of the Caribbean islands or Americas finest. This sits between June and November – although September is the most active.

Any other time of the year makes for the perfect sailing, but if you want to see New York’s winter wonderland we recommend heading there near Christmas time – celebrate Thanksgiving, catch the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree being lit or go crazy in the 5th Avenue January sales!