Why choose an Egypt & Red Sea cruise?

Located in the north-eastern corner of Africa, Egypt is surrounded by golden, dry, sandy deserts – perfect for dune buggying.  The River Nile flows from the mountains of East Africa to the Mediterranean Sea and is a huge slice of ancient Egyptian history.

The Nile provides ample opportunity for you to learn about the Egyptian way of life and with an Egypt cruise, you could find yourself on an exciting shore excursion down the longest river on earth.

A cruise to Egypt will have you sailing along the iconic Red Sea, where the salt concentration will see you floating effortlessly along the controversial shimmering blue waters.  Snorkel your way through tropical fish, stingrays and colourful coral reefs!

Surprisingly an Egypt and Red Sea cruise can have you sailing to all corners of the globe, all via the Suez Canal, so you could find yourself immersed in luxury as you make your way to the United Arab Emirates! With Dubai being a favourite port of call, plenty of world-firsts are waiting for you!

The best time for an Egypt & Red Sea cruise

The summer in Egypt is certainly a scorcher, seeing highs of nearly 40°C in the months of July and August. The cooler, yet pleasant months fall between October and March where temperatures drop to the lower 20s – ideal for all the sightseeing!

Ramadan falls in the months of May and June, which means during daylight hours some restaurants and bars may be closed. However, popular tourist areas are likely to still accommodate, leaving you ample opportunity to sample the local cuisine whilst at port.