Why choose a Panama Canal cruise?

There’s more than meets the eye with a Panama Canal cruise – although you’re experiencing the wonders of the Atlantic meeting the Pacific Ocean, you’ll discover plenty of worth-while destinations along the way.

When you’re not roaming through the Panama Canal museum and learning all about its iconic history, you’ll be admiring rainforests that house over 1,000 exotic animals, or paying a visit to an Embera Indian village in the centre of the Chagres National Park in Panama City.

Often Panama Canal Cruises venture to likes of the Caribbean islands, where sun-drenched shores and cocktails out of coconuts are part of daily life. Sink your toes into the sands of Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas and many other tropical delights.

Adrenaline junkies will fall head over heels for the jungles in Costa Rica, where you can zip-line high above the tree tops.  Sample the finest coffee in Columbia, make a stop in Mexico and head to the Sunshine State of Florida, where you can spend the day exploring the legendary Everglades.

The best times to sail to the Panama Canal

Taking you deep into the rainforests, high humidity is something to consider on your Panama Canal cruise. Sailing to tropical islands, you’ll experience high temperatures no matter the time of year. However, if you want to avoid thunderstorms and rainfall we recommend travelling between December and May.

The summer seasons may be prone to more rainfall, but you’ll see the temperatures soar above 30°C from June to September, so be sure to pack your factor 50 if you plan on taking a Panama Canal cruise at this time.